Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fall Break - Orr Family Farm

Ahhhh, the joys of Fall Break.  After living through it as a teacher and now as a parent, I can definitely say I looked forward to it way more as a teacher!  Maybe that will change when Layla and Jenna are a bit older, but the fact that I was robbed of both of my weekly MDO days this year made for a LONG week!  Racking my brain to fill our days, I made a last minute decision to take the girls to the Orr Family Farm.  I asked a few friends to join us, but none could make it...I guess these other mommas actually had the common sense to plan out a fun Fall Break for their kiddos!  Oh, just another mommy fail to log in the books.  So, there I was...all alone...with two crazy kids and one big, bad farm.  Now, I had been to the Orr Family Farm several times before...just not with MY children.  This was going to be interesting, but like everything else, I approached it with a 'let's just see what happens' mindset.

There is SO much to do at the Orr Family Farm and you can bet that we did it all!  The girls and I had a WONDERFUL time.  We ended up exploring the grounds for 4 hours!  If you know my kids, doing anything for more than 4 minutes is something to celebrate.   In hindsight, it was actually good that we went by ourselves because we were able to move at our own pace and do exactly what we wanted to do.  It, quite literally, was a perfect day that I will always remember.  

"Giddy up!"

Layla: "Weeeeee!"

Hey girls, do you want to ride the ponies?

"Are you crazy?"

"Forget the ponies, let's just rearrange this pumpkin display."

Layla: "First let's take them off the haystack..."

Jenna: "Then, let's put them on the haystack."

"Can you imagine having to pump for water...wonder if that's what it was like to live in the 90's."

Layla: "All aboard the Layla Express!"

"This must be a really special day because Mommy is letting us play in the sand!"

Layla: "I think I've found my calling."

Jenna: "Do I look as good as I think I look?"

"Bye, folks!  Have a nice trip!"

"Oh, sissy, I just love you.  Isn't this just the best day ever?"

Layla: "Baa, baa white sheep, where the heck is your wool?"

Jenna: "So, are you just dirty or are you supposed to be that color?"

"TWINS!  Just like us!"

Layla: "Come on Bessie give!  People gotta live!"

Jenna: "This is for the birds!  I'm going to Target for milk!"

Jenna: "Well, I don't see the Target bullseye, but the signs on that shop say candy and cold drinks...good enough for me!"

Jenna: "Wait a minute...I got distracted by the climbing opportunity presented by this bridge!"

Layla: "Check out this huge bouncy pillow!"

"Hmmm, we're not really sure what we're supposed to be doing here, so we're just gonna wash our hands."

"Lunch break!  Time to refuel!"

"Come on, sis, let's see what else there is to do."

"Wow!  That looks fun!  Let's do it!"

"Wait, maybe we should hug it out in case we don't make it out of there alive!"

"Here goes nothing!"

Jenna: "Wow, what a thrill!"

Layla: "How exhilarating!"

"Let's smooch...the grandparents will just eat this up!"

Layla: "I totally canNOT pose right now, Mom, I've gotta open my Hello Kitty Marshmallow Pop!"

Jenna: "Yeehaw!"

Layla: "Seriously, can this day get any better?"

Jenna: "Okay, I know I look a little tired, but I certainly don't want to miss a hayride to the pumpkin patch!"

Layla: "Wow, there are so many to choose from...where to begin?"

Jenna: "This one has potential."

Layla: "This is it!  Seal it with a kiss!"

"What do you think, sis?  Did I pick a winner or what?"

Jenna: "You mean I've gotta carry my own pumpkin back to the tractor?!?!  What kind of place is this?!?!"

"Time to settle in for a train ride!"

Jenna: "Oh, Hello Kitty Marshmallow Pop, I just love you so!"

Layla: "It may have taken all day, but I've finally worked up the nerve to ride this thing!"

Jenna: "Whoa, Mommy, don't let go of me!  No picture is that important!  

And with that folks, you have our amazing day in pictures!  I was so proud of my girls for chugging along for 4 whole hours.  There was no fighting, no melt-downs, they took turns and listened the ENTIRE time.  I'm just so glad I experienced it first hand or I would have never believed it. This goes down as one of my favorite days as a Mommy and I will be sure to bookmark this post and revisit it when things are not going so dandy, which will probably be tomorrow! ;)       

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Family Pics - October 2012

Only once per year does everyone in our little family put on our big girl panties (or big boy boxers) and suck it up to take family pictures.  It's such a dreaded event because it's just so darn stressful. Trying to find a time that works for everyone, losing sleep over what to wear, praying that the weather will be nice enough to endure an hour or so outside...all the planning that goes into it only to leave a session feeling like it was a complete disaster.  Nonetheless, it's always worth it because the amazing photographers we have worked with in the past always seem to manage a few good shots that are Christmas card worthy, but 2012 must have been our lucky year!  The incredibly sweet and talented Kelly Madole put up with our shenanigans for one full hour and, somehow, was able to capture a full array of beautiful images that I will treasure forever.  Here are some of my favorites....


In addition to the fabulous pictures, Kelly was so wonderful in helping me design the perfect Christmas card.  Now that's no easy task because I am ridiculously picky and can't seem to make a decision to save my life.  Just as in the photo shoot, she was so attentive and patient and eventually came up with my favorite card to date...

Speaking of not being able to make a decision to save my life...I encountered that problem while choosing images for our house display as well.  I ended up following my motto...when in doubt, get them all.  Kelly is a retailer for The Organic Bloom frames, which are my latest obsession.  A collection of these framing my favorite pictures worked perfectly for our stairwell!  I'm so excited about how these turned out!!!

Thank you, Kelly, for such a wonderful experience before, during, and after the session.  You have given me enough hope and courage to face family pictures again next year!!!