Sunday, February 28, 2010


Trey and I are about to embark on the greatest journey of our lives. We are expecting the arrival of our twin girls any day now! We are so blessed to have so many people who are not only looking forward to their debut, but truly want to be a part of their everyday lives. I've decided to start this blog as a way to keep everyone connected to the many adventures our family is about to experience. I'm sure my posts will most likely revolve around the girls and their happenings, but I also hope to provide our friends and family an occasional glimpse into the lives of our entire family. Trey and I would love for you to follow the Dzialo Family blog and become a part of our everyday moments.

Layla Jane (31 weeks)

Jenna Louise (33 weeks)


  1. Lena and Trey,
    Oh my gosh! The Dzialo Family blog is amazing. It will be so much fun to follow all of the girls' adventures this way. I will be a daily reader!

  2. YAY! you started a blog finally! PLEASE put up some pictures of the girls room when you get a chance. Can't wait to see those cribs all done up! XOXO

  3. I'm so happy for you and this big adventure you're about to start. This is a wonderful idea to keep us all posted. I look forward to keeping up with the girls.

  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!!! The site looks great! I used to have the background too. Hope you're doing well...can't wait to meet those sweet baby girls!

  5. Lena, this is exciting! I'm thrilled for you and your family! My blog is private so I'll invite you so you can see my girl, too!

    Liz Roberts

  6. Lena, I am so happy that you decided to blog!! I love watching my grandbabies grow and sharing their stories and I know that your friends and family will love your blog too! I love the pictures of the girls, they are so cute already!! I look forward to following as they arrive, grow and change!!

  7. Beautiful baby girls! Can't wait to see more pictures of them.
    Motherhood is going to look so good on you!!