Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's Up, Doc?

Layla and Jenna went to see Dr. Stacy today for their 4 month well visit.  They endured the whole gamut of pokes, prods, measurements, weights, and all the other shenanigans that take place at a well visit.  When it was all said and done, our suspicions were correct...they are just simply PERFECT!  Here are the pictures to prove it...

Aren't the patients being patient in the waiting room?

L&J undressed down to their diapers and had their temperature taken.

Isn't it crazy that only 3/4 of an inch can make a huge difference in percentile?
Layla's Head - 15 inches (0.9%)


Jenna's Head - 15.75% (22%)

They are both getting SO BIG!
Layla - 12lbs 7oz (22%)

Jenna - 13lbs 11oz (51%)

Each got a dose of tylenol before their immunizations.

No, you're not seeing quads...the exam room has a mirror above the bed that is oh-so fun for the girls.  The paper they are laying on is where the nurse marks their body to measure their length.
Jenna - 24 inches long (39%)
Layla - 24.25 inches long (49%)
Layla finally has her sister beat!!!

We usually have to wait a few minutes for Dr. Stacy to come in, but Mallory the Monkey helped the time go by!

Overall, L&J did very well, even with their shots.  We gave our best to Dr. Stacy and look forward to seeing her again in 2 months!