Friday, September 24, 2010

It's nice to meet ya!

Trey's cousin, Rachel, is in town from Auburn for a wedding.  We are so glad she was able to stop by last night to meet the girls.  
Jenna: "Hey sis, who's this holding us?"
Layla: "Um, I think it's Cousin Rachel."
Jenna: "Oh, so she's legit?"
Layla: "Yeah, she's cool."
It's nice to meet ya, Cousin Rachel!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Less than 6 months!

September 11th marked Layla and Jenna's 6 month you know what that means???  Yep, there's less than 6 months until their 1st birthday!!!  The girls had such a good time celebrating their special day with Grandma, Lolli, Pop, Aunt Devin, and Uncle Tony.  Uncle Tony's brother, Tim, even came to town.  I'm sure it was to wish the girls a happy 6 month birthday and had nothing to do with the OU football game going on that day.  Aunt Vanna, Uncle Ushey, and all their cousins sent gifts that the girls LOVED.  L&J are in that phase where everything, no matter what it is, goes straight in their mouths...this day was no exception!

Hey sis, try putting this pink stuff in your's good!
Um, no thanks...I think I'll just stretch it.  

Oh, you're is good in the mouth!

Mmmm, this baby is good in the mouth too!

So is this thing!

What's in here???

We LOVE books!

Happy 6 months, Pea Pod and Sweet Pea!

Thank you to everyone for making Layla and Jenna's half birthday so much fun!  We'll be celebrating again in less than 6 months!!!

Sooner Born and Sooner Bred...

About 3 weeks ago, our beloved OU Sooners took to the field for the season opener and boy, were we excited!  Although, Layla and Jenna have yet to make it to a football game, they religiously watch from home and, of course, don their Sooner best on game day!  

Oh boy, Daddy...we're so excited for kick off!

Jenna: "What on earth is Lolli doing behind the camera???"

We love our Aunt Devin and Uncle Tony!!!

Lolli and Pop are the best!

Hey sis, what's that on your head?
The Sooners had a rough day, but were victorious nonetheless.  I wonder what was more pleasant...going to the game to watch the Sooners on the field or staying home to play with the girls?  That's an easy question!