Thursday, October 28, 2010

Big Brother turns 6!

Today was a very special day in the Dzialo house...our little boy, Toby, turned 6 years old!!! Layla and Jenna had the great idea to make him a birthday cake.  They thought it was the perfect way to celebrate his big day and to thank him for welcoming them into the family.  

The girls were so excited to show Toby his cake.

Of course, Jenna got a big handful of it.

They couldn't wait to see Toby dig in.  What they don't know is that Toby is afraid of we waited...

...and waited...

...and waited.  Layla said, "Come on, big brother, do something!"

I finally had to cut into it and serve him a piece (much like all of his meals).  Layla was salivating!

Jenna was eyeing her piece.

Go, Birthday Boy, Go!

Birthday parties are so fun...even if we don't get to eat any of the cake.

Happy Birthday Toby, Doby, Booster, Rooster, Booster-Rooster, Bonk, Bonk-Bonk, Doh, Boos-Boos, etc!  Of all the millions of names we have for you, know that we love you a million times more!!!

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