Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Great Outdoors

So the hours between 5 and 7 pm seem to be the most challenging for the girls.  We are always trying to come up with things to do with them to keep them happy and entertained until it's time for bed.  With the beautiful fall weather we've been having, we've started to move our play to the great outdoors and the girls are loving it!  We took some pictures the other day, but I've hesitated to post them because, for one reason or another, we have a lot more of Layla than Jenna.  But then I figured, we have a ton of photo ops in our future and surely one of those will feature Jenna more than Layla, so what the heck...I'll post them.  I hope I haven't committed a major faux pas that will cause my children to have some sort of complex when they grow up!

All sprawled out with our favorite toys.

Little Layla is a giant drooler, hence the shirtless pics...she was soaked!

 But, it gave her a chance to work on that tan.

She has recently (finally) started rolling from back to tummy and she is so proud of herself.

Jenna loves being tickled by daddy.

 Dancing is one of the girls' favorite past time.

Big brother Toby is great at entertaining the girls.  Jenna thinks he's hilarious.  

Of course, Toby is loving the great outdoors too!

I hope this awesome weather sticks around for several more weeks.  We just can't seem to get enough of it!


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