Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mums the Word

We recently discovered that Layla and Jenna LOVE trees.  I know...strange, considering their mom is afraid of them (that's another story)!  Anyway, our neighborhood is lacking in great, big trees so we thought the girls would enjoy a nice walk on OU's campus where there are trees everywhere.  When we got there, we were so excited to see they had put the mums out in the south oval...we just had to stop and take a few pictures.

This is before Layla discovered that the mums were behind her.  

"Ooh, what are these???"

Like everything else, the mums went straight in her mouth!  I'm trying my best to clean Layla off, but of course, Jenna is grabbing her fair share.

Layla: "Hang on mom, I think you missed one!"
Jenna: "Oh yeah...got me a nice, big handful!"

Of course, straight in Jenna's mouth too.

As I pry one out of Jenna's hand, you can see she's already eyeing her next handful...

...and she got 'em!

Dad took a different approach and tried to sit in between Jenna and the mums.  

In Jenna's mind, this is clearly not as fun as grabbing the mums.  

But, Daddy always knows how to make her smile.

So what's a girl to do when she can't put mums in her mouth...find something else.  

We actually took these pictures a few days ago, but I waited to post them to see if Layla or Jenna would get sick.  You see, after the girls made a meal out of mums, I discovered their leaves and stalks can be toxic!!!  No worries, everything is fine except for the few mums that are missing their petals.  If anyone asks where they went, remember...MUMS THE WORD!


  1. so cute!! I love their opposing onesies. They are growing up so fast and becoming more and more beautiful everyday! we miss you guys and need a play/lunch date soon :)

  2. I love this post, the girls are just adorable!

  3. Beautiful pictures and family! I bet you were freaking out once you found out the petals were toxic. Glad that the girls are fine and it's just a funny story!

  4. How cute...I think they are starting to look even more alike?? They are so precious!!