Saturday, November 13, 2010

Round 1

For the most part, we have two of everything.  However, when it comes to toys, I really feel like one will suffice.  That way, the girls can have twice as many things and share, right?  Wrong! Never fails, they always seem to want what the other has.  Case in point... 

Layla: "Alright, here's my chance.  Sissy is distracted, so I'm gonna get that toy and have it all to myself!"

Layla: "This is AWESOME!  Finally, I don't have to share!"

Jenna: "Hmmm...what's sissy got over there?"

Jenna: "Should I steal it?  Should I not?"

Jenna: "Here I come!"
Layla: "Oh no!"

Jenna: "Back off sis, it's mine!"

Layla: "Oh no, I'm losing my grip!"

Layla: "Aww, man!!!"
Jenna: "YES!"

Round 1 goes to Jenna.  Don't worry, it doesn't always turn out like this.  The saga continues...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Halloween 2010

 A friend of mine came up with the most wonderful idea of posting a blog on Wednesdays that is purely pictures.  She calls it "Wordless Wednesday".  Check it out when you get a chance.  I just thought this was ingenious because there are so many times that I want to share my pictures, but just don't have the creative juices flowing to say anything clever.  Plus, these babies are often just too cute for words!  So, I'm borrowing her is my first "Wordless Wednesday"!  Wow, I've certainly written a lot of words for a wordless post!  Ok, the wordless part starts....NOW...