Saturday, December 4, 2010

Deck the Halls

The house is all dressed up for the season and I can't take one bit of credit for it!  As much as I love decorating, I really don't enjoy decorating for Christmas.  I blame all the sparkly glitter and pine needles that end up totally stresses me out!  So, for the last few years, I've enlisted the help of my dear friend, Megn.  Her creativity and talent are truly amazing, but the best part is that she works her magic while I'm gone and when I come back....TAH's Christmas!  Here are some pictures, although, they don't quite do it justice.  

Breakfast Room

Dining Room

Entry - Every year I have a favorite display...this is it for 2010.

Hallway - This wall is the perfect home for our first family picture that will be delivered soon.


Here's the deer head that Trey and I disagree over every year...once again, I win and it gets to hang another season!  The Christmas card holder is another one of my faves.  Although it's bare now, I just love when it's overflowing with beautiful picture cards from friends and family.  Kudos to the two who had their cards out in November!!!  

Living Room - The baby toys aren't part of the Christmas decor...we get to enjoy those year round!

New babies mean new stockings...they are currently being monogrammed as we speak and will be hanging here shortly!

Powder Bath


 Christmas Tree - When the girls are old enough (probably next year) we will definitely want to the trim the tree as a family, but for now, I prefer to just admire Megn's work.

Front Porch

Now, all the credit for the outdoor lights goes to Trey.  He created a custom set of lights to fit our house so that there aren't any unsightly connections...I was pretty impressed!  (Yes, that's a Thanksgiving flag...don't judge!  It was removed as soon as I noticed it in these pictures!)

All a glow at pretty!

So now that you've seen Megn's and Trey's creations, you must be wondering what I've contributed to the holiday decor.  Well, here they are...the two best things about Christmas at the Dzialo house...




  1. Lena....Your home is BEAUTIFUL!!!! And the girls....breathtaking!! Merry Christmas!

  2. Your house looks fab Lena, you have great decorating taste.

  3. beautiful!

    the girls are getting so big! time flies :)

    merry christmas.

  4. Love the house and your creation!!!