Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Twinfest 2010

Layla and Jenna had a very special play date yesterday.  We were so excited to have the Rose boys and the Straughn girls over to play.  Yep, that's 3 sets of twins all under one roof!  We had 3 mommies and two helpers to keep things under control, but if you're thinking that deterred the craziness, think again!  That's okay...crazy is our norm!  We pulled out all the toys and just let them have at it...what a sight to see!

The boys needed to refuel after their 2 hour trip to Norman.  

Now they're ready to join Olivia and play!

Lilly's ready to get after it too!

 Olivia had lots to say and Layla thought she had better listen since the Straughns have a whole month more life experience under their belts.  

Reid (or Ridge) threw one back while relaxing in the Nap Nanny.

But Jenna made sure he knew just who that Nap Nanny belonged to.

Looked like we were running a daycare!

 Man, these toys are yummy!

 Checking out Jenna's toyland.

Of course we had to get a group pic...or at least try!  Lilly's not so sure about this...

...but the rattle helped ease her mind.

Of course, Reid helped to comfort her too.  Miss Olivia looks like she's ready!

Jenna: "Alright, I've had enough...see ya!"

No, no, no, Jenna, get back up there!

Ridge: "I'm outta here!"

Oh no...Jenna's losing interest again.

There goes Reid cracking jokes to get all the attention!

Something spectacular must have been going on to right, but Layla is oblivious.

Lilly wants in between the boys while Olivia relaxes a bit.

Layla has just about had it!

Layla: "Get me outta here!!!"

Okay, somebody straighten up Lilly and we'll give it one more try...

QUICK!  Take the picture!!!
From left to right: Layla, Jenna, Ridge, Reid, Lilly, Olivia (I think!)

We had so much fun with our twin friends and can't wait until our next Twinfest!!!

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