Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We're Sitting!

Written by: Layla and Jenna

Us girls got to thinking that it's been awhile since mommy has blogged about what we've been up to.  She's been real busy, you know, with the holidays and all.  We thought we would help her out by telling you about one of our new tricks!  Well, it's not super new, but like we said, mommy's been busy!  We took our time with this one, but we finally got it!  We're sitting and we can do it lots of different ways!  Check us out!

We can sit in a chair!

We can sit and hold a toy!

We can sit and eat a toy too!

 We can sit and laugh...

...we can sit and cry!

We can sit with bows on our heads!

We can sit while holding a finger...

...we can sit while pulling a boot!

We can sit and look at a book...

...we can sit and read a book too!

We can sit wearing polka dots...

...and we can sit wearing stripes!

We can sit and chew our sleeve...

...and shirt...

...and we can sit and offer you our paci!

We can even sit while someone sneaks up on us!  Now that's talent!

See what we mean?  We can sit and do anything!  You can see in the last pic, we are now experimenting with crawling.  We'll have to let you know when we figure that one out...we're sure mommy will be REALLY busy then!

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