Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise

The title of our family blog is Everyday Moments, so this post is fitting.

The girls are rapidly approaching the one year mark and I THINK I'm STARTING to get the hang of this.  Those who know me well are not surprised by the fact that I thrive on routine.  I like schedules, predictability, and for things to generally occur in an orderly manner.  Since the girls have arrived and rocked my world, I can't always rely on predictability or for things to occur in an orderly manner, but by golly, we've got schedules and routine!  Here's a glimpse into the first two and a half hours of a "typical" day with L&J...

7:15am - Rise and Shine.  Okay, so they may have woken up a bit earlier, but there's nothing wrong with giving them some together time to chat about their plans for the day, right?

Jenna is trying to peek in her sister's crib to make sure she's awake.

Good morning, Jen Jen! 

 Hi Layla!  She loves waving at you when she first wakes up.

Layla must touch the lamp when she gets out of bed.

7:30am - It's time for a morning bottle, but by 7:45am, IT'S PLAYTIME!

Little Layla is such a good player.  She just loves her toys and could play and play forever!

Jenna, on the other hand, is more of an explorer.  She rarely plays with toys.  She, instead, opts for things that are the opposite of toys...like this gate.  

See what I mean?  Here's Layla workin' that rattle...

...and Jenna using that jumper in a not so safe way.

Here's Layla just as busy as a bee with her toys...

...and Jenna shaking the stool so it will make funny noises on the tile.

Here's Layla searching for a different toy to play with...

...and Jenna trying to open the box of wipes.  (Yes, she got it open!)

Here's Layla reading about zoo animals...

...and Jenna seeing if she can pull that basket down to her level.  

Okay, so maybe Layla doesn't always just play with toys!

Jenna...what are you looking for?

It's a TOY!!!!  Good job, Jenna!!!!

8:45am - Breakfast

The girls play in their "cage" for a few minutes, while breakfast is being prepared.

Oh, how I'd love to know what they're chatting about.

Into the high chairs they go!  I'm sure they're placing their bets on what will be served.

No pictures of the meal itself...things get a little too crazy for a photo session, but here's a sip of water to wash it all down.

9:00am - Now that the babies have been fed, it's time for Mr. Toby's meal.  Yes, we have to all go in his room to keep him company while he eats.  If you know Toby, you understand.  The girls don't mind because it gives them a chance to enjoy their Jenny Jump Ups.  The laundry room is one of the few places in the house with a doorway to hang the Jump Ups.  The babies are happy, Toby is happy...all in all, this is one of our favorite times of day!

I swear she's usually happy.

Layla gets a kick out of watching Big Brother eat.

9:15am - Just a little more play time.

Jenna loves playing "Lime" with Toby.

Of course, Layla wants her turn too.  Meanwhile, Jenna sneaks a sip from her sister's cup.

Toby is so lucky to have two sisters to play with him.  

9:30am - Time to swing it out!  This is my favorite part, mainly because it signifies that nap time is in the near future.  

"Pink Thing" helps Layla relax.

So sleepy...I can see it in her eyes!

9:45am - NAP TIME!  As soon as I see these two images on the monitor, I know I've got at least 1 hour (2 hours on a good day) until the fun begins again.

Ahh, just another day in paradise!
(I spared you the details of the 5 diaper changes that took place before naps.)


Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Truth Hurts

Jenna: "Hey, sis!  Welcome to my nap crib!"

Layla: "Excuse me?!?!  Nap crib?!?!  You mean to tell me you have your very own place carved out in the house just for your nap time?"  

Jenna: "Yeah, I'm cool like that."

Layla: "Have you ever thought that maybe it isn't because you're cool, but because you aren't a very good napper so mommy and daddy had to make a separate place for you to nap in peace and quiet?"

Jenna: "You don't really think that's true, do you?"

 Layla: "Sorry, sometimes the truth hurts...now give me your paci!"

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our First Christmas

I know it's been a few weeks, but I'm finally ready to blog about Christmas.  It took awhile to go through the pictures and narrow it down to just a "few".  We decided to stay home for the girls' first Christmas and invited anyone who was available to come over to celebrate.  We were so lucky that several of our family members were able to make it...it definitely made our first Christmas a memorable one.

Christmas morning...I thought about making the gifts look nice and neat, but that would have taken some work.

Grandma and Toby anxiously waiting for the babies to wake up!  Actually, Toby probably didn't care whether or not the babies woke up, but he never leaves Grandma's side.

Layla was the first awake...she must have known Santa paid us a visit.

Already trying out one of their gifts and looking forward to the others!

The Zaman cousins were so sweet to help the girls open their presents.  Don't worry, they got some good loot too!  

Layla is just getting started.

She is loving her new instruments.  She's so musical!

Jenna: "Let me give those things a whirl!"

Layla: "Hey, you'll never believe what I got!"

Jenna: "What do you mean this one isn't mine?"

Jenna: "That's okay, this one looks better anyway!"

Group effort

This one is awesome!!!  Thanks Aunt Vanna, Uncle Ushey, and all our cousins!

Layla showing Pop her new toy.

When the presents were all opened, Grandma and Lolli got busy in the kitchen.

Aunt Delo helping Jenna try out another new toy.

Pop was entertaining the bunch with his awesome music and apps!

Well, here's half of the Zaman family.  We're so glad they made the trip from Arkansas.

Granddaddy and Kimo logging some TV time...either football or the Christmas Story, I'm sure!

Dinner's ready!  Yes, those are disposable pans...we went for the casual look, after all, it was all about the babies this year!

Oh, here are the rest of them!  Love, love, love them!

We were so happy Uncle Tony and Aunt Devin stopped by for a visit!

 Cousin Alisa is such a big help...wait a minute...she's a gymnast and stronger than all of us combined...

...that's better!

The Dzialo clan...didn't get a picture of the Daniel clan (must've been sleeping!)

With Aunt Marilyn and JC, who I didn't get any pictures of, we had 22 loved ones (19 human and 3 dogs) under one roof.  I can't think of a better way to have spent Layla and Jenna's First Christmas!