Saturday, February 12, 2011

Payback for "The Truth Hurts"

Layla: "Hey Sis!  Is that my raspberry you've got in your mouth?  Uh, I'm gonna need that back."

 Jenna: "What?  This little ol' thing?  I guess it is your raspberry.  Um, I think I'll just hang on to it."

 Layla: "Oh come on...I'll trade you this nice, shiny, blue paci.  Remember, you love pacis and I don't...that's why mommy got ME that raspberry."

Jenna: "Yeah, I'm not really interested in that paci right now."

 Layla: "Well, how about the paci AND your purple sippy cup?!?!"

 Jenna: "I'm thinking about it, I really am..........NOPE!"

 Layla: "Well, just what are you going to do with MY raspberry????"

Layla: "Ah, man!  I don't believe my eyes!!!"

Jenna: "Hey, Big Brother Toby...have I got a surprise for you!"

 Layla: "I guess I better get used to this paci."

Note to readers: To see part one of this saga, click HERE.

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