Friday, March 18, 2011

Change is Good

One week ago today, Layla and Jenna celebrated their first birthday!  We had so much fun partying it up with our family (more pics to come, I promise) but, now that the girls are all grown up, it was time to make a few changes.  I knew the changes were coming and, quite frankly, was terrified.  You see, things were going so smoothly around here I could hardly imagine the wrath that would come by messing with their routine.  Two of the most dramatic changes were going from a mostly pureed diet to full blown finger foods and transitioning from formula to whole milk, while, perhaps the biggest kicker of all, eliminating drinking from a bottle!  Let's just say I wasn't looking forward to this week.

Over the last year, these babies of mine have managed to surprise me everyday and this week was no different.  Were they a little thrown off by the changes on Monday?  Of course!  Did they adjust and continue to live happily ever after by Tuesday?  You bet!

Change can be a hard thing, but after this week, I will always remember the lesson learned from the newest toddlers on the block...change is good (especially if it means no more formula mixing or bottle washing for me)!

  Enjoying a CUP of milk during movie time.

Gobbling up a big girl dinner of spaghetti, broccoli, fruit, and milk.


  1. i still crack up when i think about our conversation at the jln office about new foods! you were hilarious! they look like they're transitioning so well! these kids have no clue how much we worry!!! it's actually probably better that way! happy first birthday, sweet girls! here's to an amazing second year of life with lots of yummy food and drinks to try! yay!!!!!

  2. Thanks for leading the way. Can I bring L & A over for Dzialo baby bootcamp? ;)

  3. look at how happy they are eating that big girl food!!! way to go girls and way to go MAMA!!!!! You'll have them on snowcones before summer's end, i just know it!