Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's a Park Day!

A few weeks ago (yes, in the middle of February) we had the most perfect weather for a park day. We were super excited because this was Layla and Jenna's first time to visit the park. We weren't sure what they would think of the whole thing...would they love it or would they hate it? What do you think? Take a look!

We started by swinging with the girls...once we got smiles, we knew they were ready for the real thing!
(Notice the snow in the background...crazy Oklahoma weather!)

 Layla: "What's going on, folks?  I'm not so sure about this!"

Jenna: "Um, could somebody get me out of this thing?"

Layla: "Maybe I should just lean back and relax a bit."

Layla: "Yeah, this is nice."

Jenna: "So, I guess no one is going to get me out of this thing?"

Jenna: "Hey sis!  Do we like this?"

 Layla: "You bet we do!"

 "Higher, higher!!!"

 "Wait a minute...this doesn't seem right."

Jenna: "Daddy, you sure you got me???"

 Layla: "Whoa, this slide is much bigger than the ones at Gymboree!"

Jenna: "Here I come!!!"

Layla: "Right behind you, sis!"

 Layla: "That was AWESOME!"
Jenna: "Oh man, that was a workout!"

I would have to say our first park day was a success.  We all had a blast, except for Mr. Toby who had to stay leashed to the stroller.  Even so, he enjoyed getting out to bask in the sun.  We are certainly looking forward to more beautiful weather, as well as many more park days to come!   


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