Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hippety Hoppety Egg Hunt

This post may set the record for the shortest amount of time lapsed between the actual event and when it actually shows up on the blog!  Maybe that's because the girls are so wiped out that they've been napping all afternoon!  This morning, Layla and Jenna attended the First Annual Hippety Hoppety Egg Hunt at Lions Park.  It was a little chilly and we may have even felt a few sprinkles, but they still had so much fun and can't wait to do it again next year!

When we first got there, I'm not sure they quite understood why they had to carry around these huge baskets!

 Layla and Jenna were so excited to see Olive and thanked her for inviting them to the egg hunt.

Before the hunt began, we started the morning with a little Krispy Kreme donut.  Layla was a huge fan!

Jenna: "Oh please, can I have a bite of that donut?"

Our apologies to the nice man whom had his water bottle stolen right from under him...

...but rest assured, both my girls enjoyed it!  (Looks like Jenna got that bite of donut she wanted.)

We'd better get on with the hunt before Layla swipes all of Addi's Easter grass!

 And we're off!

Jenna spotted this orange egg first... 

...and never took her hands off it!  

That is, until Layla "helped" her break it open.

Way to double-fist it, Layla!  Poor Jenna...she lost half her egg, but she looks determined to go find it. 

I think she may have spotted it! 

There you go, Layla...put it in your basket!

Jenna: "Has anyone seen the other half of my egg?

Layla: "Hmmm...I wonder if there's anything good in sister's basket."

Still looking for that egg!

Jenna: "Oh where could it be?!?!?"

Layla:  "Look, Daddy!  I found half of an orange egg!  I think I'll keep it all to myself!"

After the hunt, we attempted a group picture of all the kiddos...not too shabby I think!

Then the kids got to sit around and admire their loot.  
Layla: "Whoa...this egg opens!"

Layla: "Mmmm, what's this stuff inside?"

Jenna never did find the other half to the only egg she got during the hunt, but that's okay...she was as happy as can be with her bottle of bubbles.  

Oh boy, Layla is after Addi's basket again!

 Sweet Addi was blowing bubbles for Layla.

 Time to go home...I think this one sums it up!

 Thank you to the Link Family for organizing such a fun morning!  We'll see you next year!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thank You First Baptist

Many of you Normanites have already experienced the amazing playground at First Baptist Church.  If you haven't, you should check it out.  It's open to the public from dawn to dusk all week long, excluding the hours between 10-11am and 4-5pm on weekdays.  The playground is arranged in such a way that children of all ages will find something made just for their size!  Layla and Jenna had their first crack at it a couple of weeks ago and loved it!   

Jenna and Daddy on the teeter totter.  I don't know what it is about this picture, but she looks so grown up to me!

The girls are old pros at the swings.  They've had plenty of practice at our neighborhood park and at Aunt Devin and Uncle Tony's.  

There is a really neat instrument section in the middle of the playground.  Layla and Jenna have always been into instruments (thanks to Gymboree) and this time was no different.  

Layla: "Listen to me jam!"

Jenna: "Gosh, I'm good at the bongos!"

The entire surface area of the playground is covered with this cushy turf.  It's funny how we don't anticipate how the girls will react to new experiences.  At first, Jenna wasn't sure about crawling around on this stuff.  She didn't want her hands or legs to touch it.        

But, she quickly adapted...

...and was able to enjoy a nice, cool drink on this unseasonably warm day!

Layla, on the other hand, was not having this turf stuff at all!

She preferred Daddy's lap instead.  

Then she talked him into taking her on the big kid toy!

Jenna opted for the toy in her age group.  

Jenna: "Gosh, I'm good at this too!"

Back at it on the swings!  Layla was really monopolizing on the Daddy time.  

But that was okay, Jenna was having a ball entertaining herself!

Layla taking a break for a snack...

...and drink.

Of course, when Jenna saw her sister snacking, she came running over!

We had such a good time.  Thank you First Baptist for sharing your playground with us!  We will definitely be back!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's a Gymboree Day!

If you have small children and are not familiar with Gymboree, you need to be.  I'm not talking about the clothing store (although it's the same company), I'm talking about Gymboree Play & Music.  In Norman, it's located behind Pier 1 and across from Sam's.  It's the most amazing place for children ages 0-5 to develop cognitive, physical, and social skills all through play!  It's also a great place to meet other moms and dads of similar aged children and exchange stories and advice.  

Layla and Jenna have been members of Gymboree nearly their whole lives and they LOVE it!  We try to attend either a music or play class three times a week and are seriously sad when we have to miss.  We're hoping to start the art class soon...doesn't that sound fun?  

A couple of weeks ago, Layla and Jenna brought both Lolli and Claire to class with them, so I was able to sit back and watch them play, as well as snap a few pictures.

After the opening song, Layla is signing "more", meaning she wants to sing the song again.  Yes, they learn sign language too...I told you this place is amazing!

 Here's Layla rocking on the big ball with Ms. Julie.  The girls just adore her...they think she hung the moon...I kind of think so too!

Check us out on the bridge!

True to form, Jenna often goes off and does her own thing.  It's a good thing Ms. Julie encourages her explorative nature.  At least it looks like she's paying attention to what the class is doing.   

The girls recently got a tunnel to play with at home.  Until then, Layla never would go through the tunnels at Gym.  As you can see, she has no trouble with them now!

Look at all the kiddos hanging on Ms. Julie's every word as she shows them the air shapes!  You must be magical to be able to grab the attention of all these 1 year olds!  

Jenna: "Hey guys!  There are air shapes in here too!"

Layla loves balls of all shapes and sizes and Gymboree has a ton of them!  Oh yeah, she's really into kissing things right doesn't matter what it is!

I guess Jenna's into kissing too!

 Nothing like a little baby soccer!

Again, emphatically listening to Ms. Julie for instructions on pushing the air log across the room.  

Layla wasn't into the air log today.  

But Jenna worked her little tail off...

...until she got tired.  Then she just laid there.  

 Jenna has to make sure the busy box is empty and all the fun toys have been distributed.  

Layla is being showered with bubbles and loving every minute!

 Jenna is lovin' it too!

 After the parachute is covered in bubbles, the grown-ups shake it up to pop all those, so fun!

If you thought the class couldn't get any better, just wait!  This is, by far, the girls' favorite part!  At the end of class Gymbo the Clown comes out to play!  Here they are patiently waiting for him to appear.

They're keeping their eyes on Gymbo!

Ahhh, the long awaited kiss goodbye from Gymbo!

Bye Gymbo!  See you next time!