Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's a Gymboree Day!

If you have small children and are not familiar with Gymboree, you need to be.  I'm not talking about the clothing store (although it's the same company), I'm talking about Gymboree Play & Music.  In Norman, it's located behind Pier 1 and across from Sam's.  It's the most amazing place for children ages 0-5 to develop cognitive, physical, and social skills all through play!  It's also a great place to meet other moms and dads of similar aged children and exchange stories and advice.  

Layla and Jenna have been members of Gymboree nearly their whole lives and they LOVE it!  We try to attend either a music or play class three times a week and are seriously sad when we have to miss.  We're hoping to start the art class soon...doesn't that sound fun?  

A couple of weeks ago, Layla and Jenna brought both Lolli and Claire to class with them, so I was able to sit back and watch them play, as well as snap a few pictures.

After the opening song, Layla is signing "more", meaning she wants to sing the song again.  Yes, they learn sign language too...I told you this place is amazing!

 Here's Layla rocking on the big ball with Ms. Julie.  The girls just adore her...they think she hung the moon...I kind of think so too!

Check us out on the bridge!

True to form, Jenna often goes off and does her own thing.  It's a good thing Ms. Julie encourages her explorative nature.  At least it looks like she's paying attention to what the class is doing.   

The girls recently got a tunnel to play with at home.  Until then, Layla never would go through the tunnels at Gym.  As you can see, she has no trouble with them now!

Look at all the kiddos hanging on Ms. Julie's every word as she shows them the air shapes!  You must be magical to be able to grab the attention of all these 1 year olds!  

Jenna: "Hey guys!  There are air shapes in here too!"

Layla loves balls of all shapes and sizes and Gymboree has a ton of them!  Oh yeah, she's really into kissing things right now...it doesn't matter what it is!

I guess Jenna's into kissing too!

 Nothing like a little baby soccer!

Again, emphatically listening to Ms. Julie for instructions on pushing the air log across the room.  

Layla wasn't into the air log today.  

But Jenna worked her little tail off...

...until she got tired.  Then she just laid there.  

 Jenna has to make sure the busy box is empty and all the fun toys have been distributed.  

Layla is being showered with bubbles and loving every minute!

 Jenna is lovin' it too!

 After the parachute is covered in bubbles, the grown-ups shake it up to pop all those bubbles...so, so fun!

If you thought the class couldn't get any better, just wait!  This is, by far, the girls' favorite part!  At the end of class Gymbo the Clown comes out to play!  Here they are patiently waiting for him to appear.

They're keeping their eyes on Gymbo!

Ahhh, the long awaited kiss goodbye from Gymbo!

Bye Gymbo!  See you next time!

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