Saturday, April 2, 2011

Party Part Three...All About the Presents

If you remember from the first birthday post, Layla and Jenna were absolutely showered with presents at their party.  Opening all the pretty packages seemed like a daunting task, but these toddlers had no problem wading through all that ribbon and wrap!  Friend and photographer, Megn, captured over 100 pictures of the unwrapping session alone!  Don't worry, I only chose the top 20 to share...

Layla is so diligent to read the card before opening her present.  This one is from Cousin Rachel.  Rachel, Aunt Devin, and Uncle Tony got the girls the most precious swimsuits, coverups, and hats.  They are so ready to hit the beach (or the kiddie pool in the backyard).  

Obviously, we are still in the "everything goes straight in the mouth" phase.  You can expect nothing less with this cute birthday frame from Lolli and Pop.  With all these pictures, I'm sure we'll find the perfect one to put in the frame.    

Ooh, Layla...look at that pretty dress from Lolli and Pop!!!  She's totally into fashion.

See what I mean?  She wants to get her hands on those darling outfits from Mr. and Mrs. Holly (friends of my parents). 

Jenna: "Whoa...that's gonna be a good one!"

Jenna: "Check me out on my Rody!  Thanks Megn, Joey, and Gray!"

 Layla: "Alright, enough of the Rody."

 Layla: "Awww, that was sweet of them to send this swing...I sure miss my Aunt Vanna, Uncle Ushey and all my Arkansas cousins!"  (I don't think she realized that one was for worries, there was an identical one for her as well.)

 Jenna: "Now this is AWESOME!  What a cool water table from my Arkansas kin!"

Jenna: "Umm, folks!  I need some water over here!"

Layla LOVES this puzzle from the Morris family.  Her favorite thing is to bang the pieces together like they're cymbals.  We're working on placing the pieces into the appropriate day, it will happen.

Such a big girl cruising with her chomping alligator walker.  Guess this practice paid off because Jenna took her first step just days later!  

Here we are just chillin' in our chairs from Grandma and Granddaddy.  

As you can see, Jenna got comfortable real quick.

Jenna: "You want me to do WHAT with this tunnel?"

Jenna: "Alright, here goes nothing!"

Jenna: "I made what?"

Layla is such a musical talent.  She was having a ball playing two notes...

...and then looking to her audience for an applause.  She got one every time!

Jenna: "Are there any more?"

Yes, Jenna, there are more.  It's hard to imagine, but the girls got way more presents than what was pictured here...they and we are truly blessed.  Thank you to everyone whose generosity made the girls feel so special on their big day.  We love you all very much!    

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