Friday, May 27, 2011

A Shout Out to the Arkansas Kin

My sister's family got Layla and Jenna some really fun outdoors toys for their birthday back in March.  Now that the weather is nice and toasty, the girls are absolutely loving them!  Last weekend, they had their first experience with the water table actually filled with water...they had been playing with it completely dry, which they thought was pretty entertaining too!

"Whoa!  This thing just got 10 times cooler!  Whoever thought of adding water is a genius!"  

Again, another conversation I would love to comprehend.  

Jenna: "Let's see if I can figure out how this thing works."

I didn't think it was possible for someone to be just as cute from the back as they are from the front, but Layla has proven me wrong!

 Jenna: "This thing is awesome!!!"

Layla sure knows how to concentrate when it comes to toys...she could play for hours!

Jenna: "Dad, this is the best day ever!"

Layla: "Aw, Daddy!  You got me!"

Jenna is so proud toting around that bottle of bubbles.

Oh no, Jenna, what's wrong???

Oh, I see.  Layla swiped your bubbles. 

Looks like you found something else to satisfy you for the moment.  

Big Brother Toby approves of his new water bowl.

After all that playing out in the sun, Layla is stressing the importance of staying hydrated (with great posture, I might add).

Of course, we can't play out back without taking a little swing.  These were also a birthday gift from my sister's family, and boy, are they a hit!

Layla: "Hey sis,  isn't this the life?"

Jenna: "Yeah, I can't complain."  
(The bubble blower Jenna is holding came in the Easter basket my sister's family sent...are you sensing a theme here?)

I mean, really, does it get any better than this???

Layla and Jenna had a great day playing outside and loved ALL their toys from their Arkansas kin.  Thank you so much to Aunt Vanna, Uncle Ushey, and cousins Alisa, Kieran, Aydin, and Asher.  Now, can you just do just one tiny thing more for us?  Can you move a little closer???

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Perfect Saturday

Daddy was out of town for a bit last week, so when he got home, the girls insisted on a family day.  It was such a pretty day, so we headed to the FBC playground.  I know I've plugged this place before, but I must do it again!  The last time I mentioned it, they hadn't yet put up the awnings for the warmer season. Well, they're up now and they're amazing!  I mean, where else can you play outside and manage to NOT break a sweat?  For someone who isn't the outdoorsy type (that would be me), this place is the ticket!  Again, if you haven't checked it out, you MUST!  

We decided to pack our lunch and enjoyed a nice picnic before playtime.     

Looking good, Layla Jane!

Jenna, you're so silly!

Layla was busy going up the slide...

 ...and down the slide.

Looks like Jenna is up to no good and she knows it...she's just checking to see if anyone else knows it!  

Who's your new friend, Jenna?

After we worked off our lunch, we headed to Orange Leaf for some frozen yogurt.  Jenna was trying to order a second helping!

Layla was helping Daddy scrape every last bit out of that big bowl!

I'd say these little girls are big fans of Orange Leaf. 

We concluded our perfect Saturday with a trip to Toys R Us for some fun summer toys. However, the major meltdown that occurred while there would be a bit out of place in this "A Perfect Saturday" post.  Let's just pretend it didn't happen and end it right here!   

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Got Bread?

So, I've never been one to be afraid of threatening weather.  I've lived in Oklahoma awhile now and have become slightly immune to the weather warnings that interrupt regular programming. Sure I watch them on TV and hope that whatever is lurking out there doesn't come my way, but I've never actually taken cover like the weather guys plead with you to do.  However, a lot has changed in my life since Layla and Jenna were born.  I'm suddenly responsible for much more than just myself in this big, bad tonight, we took cover.  Well, first we ran around the house trying to gather essentials such as bottled water, flashlights, a battery powered radio, blankets and pillows, and even a spare crib mattress.  Jenna wanted to help get prepared too. She made her way into the pantry and gathered what she thought was super important to have in case of an emergency...

Thanks, Jenna!  What would we ever do without TWO loaves of bread in the event of a tornado???

It's important to note that the Norman Dzialos are completely fine and had no damage to our home.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for many Oklahomans.  I feel so fortunate to come out of this unscathed and, from now on, pledge to listen to what the weather guys tell us to do.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Gray's Garden Party

A couple of weekends ago, Layla and Jenna had the chance to celebrate a very special first birthday with their sweet friend, Gray.  Gray threw the most fabulous garden party in her backyard and the girls had so, so much fun!  There were so many details that made this party perfect, but the highlight, if you ask me, were the PONIES!  Yes, she had ponies!     

I mean, can't you just see the excitement on Layla's face?!?!

 Jenna took Daphine for a whirl...she preferred the no-hands method.

Layla rode her like a bull...Giddy up, Daphine!  

This one is Daphine's baby, Ziggy.  The girls loved petting her and combing her beautiful hair.

Gray got a really cool wagon with an umbrella from her BaBa.  You know how Layla and Jenna feel about wagons...they just HAD to go for a ride.    

There were a couple of perfectly sized picnic tables set up for the kiddos.  I was surprised at how much Layla and Jenna loved them.  As soon as we got home, they told Grandma about the super cool picnic tables and, of course, she put one on order for our backyard!  The girls will be thrilled when it gets here! 

Of all the wonderful things at the party, none entertained the girls as much as these cups with straws!

I don't think I've ever seen them drink so much water in all their 14 months!

At one point, Jenna discovered the drink trough full of ice.  She was having a ball sticking her hand in the freezing cold water and even ate a few pieces of ice.  No biggie, right???

WRONG!  The next thing we knew, she was traipsing around the place throwing back a cold one!  No worries, she hasn't figured out how to pop the top...yet!

Looks like Jenna is getting a "talkin' to" about the seriousness of underage drinking.  I'm glad Layla was listening...wouldn't want her to follow in sister's footsteps! 

Better just stick to the sugar cookies, girls!

Finally, there's the birthday girl herself and her super creative momma, Megn!

Thank you, Gray, for inviting us to your fun garden party!  Whatcha got planned for next year?  We can't wait!

Friday, May 13, 2011


Layla and Jenna don't often get a special lunch, but today was a very special day, a very sweet day!  Today, one of the best things on Earth was made even better...Chick-Fil-A debuted their Sweet Potato Waffle Fries!!!  Apparently, they are only available in a VERY LIMITED area, so I viewed this as an opportunity for Layla and Jenna to have a unique experience that many children in the United States would not be able to have (at least not yet anyway).  Okay, so maybe their mother is obsessed with all things sweet potato and just had to give them a whirl.  Nonetheless, they did not disappoint!  

"Hang on, something seems different here."

Layla: "Is this what I think it is?"

Jenna: "Ah, the moment I've been waiting for!"

Now there's only one thing better than sweet potato fries...that's right...the container they come in!

Layla: "Maybe if I hide my blueberries in here, no one will notice I didn't eat them."

Those little fry boxes provided hours of entertainment!  

Well, Chick-Fil-A, you've done it again.  The fries (and the boxes) will have us coming back for more!  

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Carrington Community Party

Have I ever mentioned how much I love our neighborhood?  Well, I do.  In fact, when Trey and I decided we needed to upsize a bit before the babies came, it was a must for us to stay in the same neighborhood.  Why do I love it so?  There are many reasons, but one of them is because of the fun community events put on by the Mom's Council.  Tonight, we had the Carrington Community Party and, although Layla and Jenna have attended one before, they were much more in tune to what was going on this time know, because they're more mature and all.    

Loaded up in our wagon and heading to the clubhouse.  

Because the neighborhood is somewhat new, there aren't many tree covered, shady areas yet.  So, we parked right in front of the clubhouse to escape the sun.  

According to the DJ, today was a scorcher.  Layla convinced Daddy that it was the perfect weather for their very first sno-cone.  If you're predicting that the big tub of plastic spoons doesn't stand a chance against little Layla, you would be correct.     

Layla just chilled on the picnic blanket and enjoyed her silverfox sno-cone.  How convenient that we got Mommy's favorite flavor.  Plus, a clear syrup was the only way to go!

Jenna enjoyed hers "to-go".

When it cooled down just a bit, we moved out in the grassy area to hang with some friends.  Layla's getting another layer of sunscreen...gotta protect those precious ears!

Jenna was so excited when a couple of her BFF's stopped by.  Yes, Lilly and Olivia are twins too.  In fact, our neighborhood is full of them!  Tonight, I discovered two more, which brings the total up to 8 sets of multiples (7 twins and 1 triplet)!  There must be something in the water!!!

 Oh dear...Jenna seems to have swiped somebody's french fry!  This is NOT what I packed her for dinner!

Looks like she's eyeing that coke too!

Sorry, girls, no bouncy house this year...maybe next time you'll be big enough to stand your own with all those kids in there!

Now that the girls are mobile, they can be a bit harder to keep up with.  Thanks, Gabby, for corralling Jenna back in.  It takes a village, folks!  

Luckily, Layla stuck with Daddy most the night (surprise, surprise...she's a bit of a Daddy's girl).

See what I mean?

After a super fun evening, we headed back home to get these girls to bed, an hour past bedtime, but just in time to say good night to the geese!

Thank you Carrington Mom's Council for organizing yet another fun family event.