Saturday, May 7, 2011

Carrington Community Party

Have I ever mentioned how much I love our neighborhood?  Well, I do.  In fact, when Trey and I decided we needed to upsize a bit before the babies came, it was a must for us to stay in the same neighborhood.  Why do I love it so?  There are many reasons, but one of them is because of the fun community events put on by the Mom's Council.  Tonight, we had the Carrington Community Party and, although Layla and Jenna have attended one before, they were much more in tune to what was going on this time know, because they're more mature and all.    

Loaded up in our wagon and heading to the clubhouse.  

Because the neighborhood is somewhat new, there aren't many tree covered, shady areas yet.  So, we parked right in front of the clubhouse to escape the sun.  

According to the DJ, today was a scorcher.  Layla convinced Daddy that it was the perfect weather for their very first sno-cone.  If you're predicting that the big tub of plastic spoons doesn't stand a chance against little Layla, you would be correct.     

Layla just chilled on the picnic blanket and enjoyed her silverfox sno-cone.  How convenient that we got Mommy's favorite flavor.  Plus, a clear syrup was the only way to go!

Jenna enjoyed hers "to-go".

When it cooled down just a bit, we moved out in the grassy area to hang with some friends.  Layla's getting another layer of sunscreen...gotta protect those precious ears!

Jenna was so excited when a couple of her BFF's stopped by.  Yes, Lilly and Olivia are twins too.  In fact, our neighborhood is full of them!  Tonight, I discovered two more, which brings the total up to 8 sets of multiples (7 twins and 1 triplet)!  There must be something in the water!!!

 Oh dear...Jenna seems to have swiped somebody's french fry!  This is NOT what I packed her for dinner!

Looks like she's eyeing that coke too!

Sorry, girls, no bouncy house this year...maybe next time you'll be big enough to stand your own with all those kids in there!

Now that the girls are mobile, they can be a bit harder to keep up with.  Thanks, Gabby, for corralling Jenna back in.  It takes a village, folks!  

Luckily, Layla stuck with Daddy most the night (surprise, surprise...she's a bit of a Daddy's girl).

See what I mean?

After a super fun evening, we headed back home to get these girls to bed, an hour past bedtime, but just in time to say good night to the geese!

Thank you Carrington Mom's Council for organizing yet another fun family event.  

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