Monday, May 23, 2011

Gray's Garden Party

A couple of weekends ago, Layla and Jenna had the chance to celebrate a very special first birthday with their sweet friend, Gray.  Gray threw the most fabulous garden party in her backyard and the girls had so, so much fun!  There were so many details that made this party perfect, but the highlight, if you ask me, were the PONIES!  Yes, she had ponies!     

I mean, can't you just see the excitement on Layla's face?!?!

 Jenna took Daphine for a whirl...she preferred the no-hands method.

Layla rode her like a bull...Giddy up, Daphine!  

This one is Daphine's baby, Ziggy.  The girls loved petting her and combing her beautiful hair.

Gray got a really cool wagon with an umbrella from her BaBa.  You know how Layla and Jenna feel about wagons...they just HAD to go for a ride.    

There were a couple of perfectly sized picnic tables set up for the kiddos.  I was surprised at how much Layla and Jenna loved them.  As soon as we got home, they told Grandma about the super cool picnic tables and, of course, she put one on order for our backyard!  The girls will be thrilled when it gets here! 

Of all the wonderful things at the party, none entertained the girls as much as these cups with straws!

I don't think I've ever seen them drink so much water in all their 14 months!

At one point, Jenna discovered the drink trough full of ice.  She was having a ball sticking her hand in the freezing cold water and even ate a few pieces of ice.  No biggie, right???

WRONG!  The next thing we knew, she was traipsing around the place throwing back a cold one!  No worries, she hasn't figured out how to pop the top...yet!

Looks like Jenna is getting a "talkin' to" about the seriousness of underage drinking.  I'm glad Layla was listening...wouldn't want her to follow in sister's footsteps! 

Better just stick to the sugar cookies, girls!

Finally, there's the birthday girl herself and her super creative momma, Megn!

Thank you, Gray, for inviting us to your fun garden party!  Whatcha got planned for next year?  We can't wait!

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  1. HI-larious of Jenna and the ice cold Miller Lite! I guess you know which one you need to watch! So funny!!!