Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy BirthEaster!

One of my dear friends said this to me via Facebook and I loved it!  You see, this year, my birthday actually fell on Easter special is that?!?!  Even though it rained cats and dogs, I had such a nice day celebrating both occasions with my family.

The morning started with a few birthday gifts.  I was lucky enough to have a couple special assistants to help me open them.  

Seriously...does it even matter what's in the bag?  Just look at that face!

I admit, I may seem a little overly excited about the Card Cubby, but that thing has been on my wishlist for over TWO YEARS!  It didn't disappoint...I love it!  

 Then, we all got gussied up for church.  My little Easter bunnies are just precious, don't you think???  Not even the torrential downpour could dampen their cuteness!

After drying off and taking a long nap, the girls dug into their Easter baskets.  Jenna was lovin' the maracas.  

But I don't think she was really feelin' the bunny ears.

Jenna: "You guys would tell me if I looked silly, right???"

She didn't care too much for the sunglasses...

...or the new sunhat! 

Layla, on the other hand, was diggin' it all!

Layla: "Yeah, I can really pull this look off!"

Have you ever seen a cuter, more musically inclined bunny than this?

To die for...and she knows it!

 What a fun way to celebrate a BirthEaster!

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