Friday, May 13, 2011


Layla and Jenna don't often get a special lunch, but today was a very special day, a very sweet day!  Today, one of the best things on Earth was made even better...Chick-Fil-A debuted their Sweet Potato Waffle Fries!!!  Apparently, they are only available in a VERY LIMITED area, so I viewed this as an opportunity for Layla and Jenna to have a unique experience that many children in the United States would not be able to have (at least not yet anyway).  Okay, so maybe their mother is obsessed with all things sweet potato and just had to give them a whirl.  Nonetheless, they did not disappoint!  

"Hang on, something seems different here."

Layla: "Is this what I think it is?"

Jenna: "Ah, the moment I've been waiting for!"

Now there's only one thing better than sweet potato fries...that's right...the container they come in!

Layla: "Maybe if I hide my blueberries in here, no one will notice I didn't eat them."

Those little fry boxes provided hours of entertainment!  

Well, Chick-Fil-A, you've done it again.  The fries (and the boxes) will have us coming back for more!  


  1. Cute post Lena, the girls crack me up! I had the SP fries last weekend too, YUM!

  2. TOTALLY loving Chick-fil-A sweet potato fries!!! OMG! I hope they do well so they stay around forever!!! I'm glad your sweet lovies like them too!!!