Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Backyard Fun

Grandma and Grandaddy came over for a short visit over Memorial Day weekend.  Just before they arrived, the picnic table and slide they ordered for the girls were delivered.  Of course, Layla and Jenna wanted to check out their new loot, so we spent the afternoon having a little backyard fun!  

Daddy got it all set up while the girls were napping.

"Holy cow!  It must be Christmas!"

Jenna: "Hey, I remember this thing!"

 Layla: "Wait for me, sis!  Don't you get started without me!"

"This thing never gets old!"

It didn't take long for Jenna to spy the picnic table.  

Layla: "Now, sis, remember the importance of staying hydrated."

Oh, geez...looks like Jenna is up to no good!

Jenna: "Um, folks!  It looks like I may have gotten myself into a bit of a predicament."

 Jenna: "Hmmm, how am I gonna get myself out of this one?"

Jenna: "Let's see.  First, I'll lower myself down to my healthy-size belly."

Jenna: "Then I'll scooch back until my feet hit something solid."

Jenna: "Ahhh, there we go.  Goodness, I'm proud of myself!"

Layla: "Hmm, this looks interesting!"

Layla: "Hey, people!  Am I doing this right?"

Layla: "Thanks, Daddy, for the help!"

Layla: "WEEEEEEE!"

Jenna: "I can do it, I can do it!"

 Look how excited Jenna got when she spotted the pool!

 Jenna: "Let me in, let me in!"

 Jenna: "Whoa! This is refreshing!"

Just swimming some laps.

Layla: "Ooh, Daddy!  An outdoor bathtub!"

Layla: "Hey, those are my bath toys!"

Layla: "I'm lovin' this!!!"

 Jenna: "Are you having a blast or what?"
Layla: "Definitely a blast!"

Thank you Grandma and Granddaddy for the new slide and picnic table and for coming to watch us play!

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