Thursday, June 23, 2011

First Haircut

Neither Layla or Jenna have enough hair on top to wear a bow, but Layla has this wild flip thing going on in the back.  I think it's awfully cute, but it's rather unruly.  I thought we should have it cut to even it out and then let it grow from there.   Jenna didn't really need a cut, but I couldn't fathom getting one cut and not the other!  So, last Saturday, we headed to Snip-its for the girls' first haircut!

Check out all that hair in the back.  Layla definitely has the "business in the front, party in the back" look going on!

Jenna's hair isn't too long, but could use a little evening out.

After we signed in, the girls browsed through a few magazines in the waiting area.

First up was Layla.  She did not want to give up that must have been a captivating article!

But once Sarah turned on the tv, Layla was ready to roll.

 I'm not sure what was playing on the tv, but we may need a copy of that video.

Layla: "How's it looking guys?"

Jenna was next...she looks a little frightened.  

Jenna: "Ahhh!  What was that?  Oh, it's just water."

Jenna:  "Wait a one told me there was a tv!  Now this, I could get used to!"

Looking good, Jenna!

 After the haircuts, the girls each got a card to stick in the prize machine.  Layla was not really into it.  She just wanted to read more magazines.  

Jenna, on the other hand, loves being rewarded for sitting in a chair and watching tv!

Jenna: "Ooh, what did I get?"

Mommy even got a little keepsake to take home!

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