Monday, June 6, 2011

Front Yard Fun

With the heat index exceeding 100 degrees, it's been a challenge to let Layla and Jenna play outside without getting overheated and beaten by the sun.  This evening we decided to play out front because, since our house faces east, our entire front yard and driveway are completely shaded at this time of day.  We also gave the girls water in the "cups with real straws", as we call them, because we know they will drink their weight in water and stay hydrated out in the heat. They just love those cups!!!
Just chillin' in the adirondack chairs.

Layla was getting real relaxed.

True to form, Jenna doesn't EVER stay put for long!

 We tried to get the girls to play with their Walk-n-Rides...

...but, they just wanted to focus on their water instead.

Of course, anytime we are in the front yard, the girls MUST visit Griffin.  He's the dog statue that sits on the front porch.  

Sweet Layla loves giving Griffin kisses.  Here she is going in for the kill!  

Jenna has been practicing her gentle petting on Toby...looks like she's gonna try it out on Griffin too.  Check out that crisscross tan line on her cute!

Speaking of Toby, he's not quite schooled enough to play out front with us, so he has to stay inside.  You can see his poor face peeking through the glass at the bottom, left of the front door.  Sorry, boy!

With the Oklahoma summer approaching, it's only going to get hotter and hotter.  I predict there will be many more evenings of front yard fun in our near future!    

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