Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Softball Sunday

During this time of year, many of Trey's Sundays are Softball Sundays.  He plays on a team with a great bunch of guys and really enjoys spending time with them.  Layla, Jenna, and I don't usually go to his games because some of them are well past their bedtime and it's often just way too hot.  However, a couple of Sundays ago, the girls just begged and begged me to go watch Daddy play. I told them I would take them if they promised to stay on the blanket and eat their picnic dinner while watching the game.  I learned these girls do not know how to keep a promise! Nonetheless, we had a great time and will probably venture out to do it again!

 Layla: "Sissy!  Remember what Mommy said about staying on the blanket?"
Jenna: "Yeah, yeah."

Jenna keeps a close eye on Daddy as he gets ready to pitch.

Jenna: "Wow!  Did you guys see that pitch???  That's my Daddy!"

Layla: "Yea, Daddy!"

The girls got front row seats...they didn't want to miss a single second!

Jenna: "Good job, Daddy!  Keep up the good work!"

Layla is staying cool while looking cool in the only ounce of shade (provided by our stroller) at the ball fields.  

Daddy took some time out to get a pic with his biggest fans. 

Like I said earlier, the girls had so, so much fun!  I'm sure they will talk me into taking them to another game real soon!

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