Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Horse Show

Every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is grab my phone to read the daily headlines from the local paper.  Last Saturday, I read about a horse show that was going on that morning and I thought to myself, "Why not?"  So, Trey and I loaded up the girls and we headed to the Cleveland County Fairgrounds.  

At first sight, Layla and Jenna had the deer in headlights look.  Then again, so did the horses.  

The girls talked the big talk and acted like they wanted to get a closer look.

But, Jenna quickly realized she was wrong.  Layla, on the other hand, LOVED the horses!  
Jenna: "Whoa, horsey!  Back it up!"

One of the nice families asked the girls if they wanted to pet their horse.  Go ahead, Layla, give it a whirl!

Layla: "Ooh, I like him!"

How about you, Jenna?  Can you pet the horse?  Or at least poke him?

How about a closer look at his face?

Jenna: "Too close!  Too close!"

I'm telling you, Layla couldn't get enough!  
Layla: "Yes, Daddy, this is it.  This is the one I wanna take home."

I was really surprised at how nervous Jenna was around the horses.  She's usually very outgoing and curious.  To tell you the truth, I actually enjoyed her reaction because then I got to have moments like this with her.  She's usually too busy to cuddle, so I was loving this!

Once we made the rounds and saw all the horses, we headed across the lot to cruise the farmer's market.
"Bye Horsey 140!" 

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