Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Heart My Nieces and Nephews!

I just LOVE when my sister's family comes to visit.  Unfortunately, it doesn't happen very often because with four kids (her, not me) their schedules are jam packed!  That's why we were so excited they were all coming to visit for a few days at the beginning of July.  I know I may be a little bias, but my sister has the best kids ever.  Not only are they super sweet and freaking gorgeous, they are completely low maintenance as well!   Seriously, I am always amazed at how little these kids need to have a good time.  They always make the most of a situation and are totally fine with the fact that life right now at the Dzialo house revolves around the twins.  In fact, they jumped right in and didn't have trouble at all making do with the baby toys!  Case in point...
 Alisa - 13 (Technically, she's 14, but she was 13 when the picture was taken)

Kieran - 8

Aydin - 6

Asher - 4

 Here's Layla with their dog, Ziva.  

One of my favorite times at home was meal time.  There's nothing like a big table with kids all around!

Of course, we did try to get out of the house as much as possible.  One day, Trey took the big kids to the movies and my sister and I took the babies to Gymboree.  We also spent some time at the neighborhood pool.  Everyone knows how I feel about pools, but I would do anything for my nieces and nephews!

On another day, we took all the kiddos up to the Science Museum in OKC, which is always a good time.  All the kids hung together for the first half... 

...then, Trey and the big kids continued on with the exhibits, while my sister and I took the twins to the toddler area to play.

After the museum visit, the little kids went home with Daddy and the big kids went candy shopping at Pinkitzel in Bricktown.    

Later that night, we all piled on the big sectional upstairs, watched a movie, and ate our Pinkitzel candy until our tummies ached!  Doesn't get any better than that!

Even though it was a short trip, we had such a fabulous time and hope our Arkansas kin can come visit again real soon!

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  1. Okay, so I love your whole blog, really...but this is the BEST one ever!