Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kitchen Creativity

Layla and Jenna just LOVE playing in the kitchen.  Like a lot of parents do, we have most of the drawers and cabinets equipped with childproof locks, but have left one or two open so that the girls can explore to their hearts' content.  The unsecured drawers are filled with an assortment of items to maximize their kitchen experience...plastic colanders, metal bowls, wooden spoons, things that open and close, just to name a few.  Sometimes they use the items like they are intended to be used, but most of the time they get pretty creative with their props.   The drawer never gets old for the girls...they play in it everyday, several times a day.  These pictures were taken over the span of a few days, so you can see, they really are in it EVERYDAY!

Layla: "Hey, sis, whatcha doin?"
Jenna: "Oh, just making some music."

Layla: "Wow!  You're really good at that!"

Jenna: "You really think so?"

Layla: "Let me try."

Layla: "Oh yeah, sissy, we're really jamming now!"

Layla: "Check this out!"

Jenna: "Man, she's pretty good."

Jenna: "I have an idea, sissy, put this on your head...trust me, it'll be fun!"

Layla: "Ooh, you're right.  This IS fun!"

Jenna: "How do I look?  You can be honest."

Layla: "I, personally, think you look awesome!"

Jenna: "Thanks, sis.  Um, yours is a little crooked."

Layla: "You think?"

It is truly hysterical to watch the girls running around the house with these metal bowls on their heads.  We call them their World War I helmets.  I guess if we ever need to hunker down, they'll be ready!  I just love their creativity...it means they're smart, right?  

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