Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kitchen Fun

Seeing how my last post was about how Layla and Jenna love playing in the kitchen, this next post is fitting.  Grandma sent the girls the most amazing play kitchen I've ever seen.  I was so excited for it to arrive and for Daddy to put it together.  Two and a half hours later...

Isn't she a beaut!

I decided to wait until the girls woke up from their nap to surprise them with it.  Typically, they wake up in a fantastic mood, but since I basically took them out of their cribs, set them on the floor, and ran to their playroom in order to get the camera set up to capture their initial reaction, Layla was all kinds of upset.  Jenna, however, followed me and here's what I got...

This is Jenna's signature "ooh, I like what I'm seeing" walk.  

Of course, she goes straight for the phone...she loves talking on the phone!  

Meanwhile, Layla is still in the nursery bawling her little heart out.  I asked Jenna to go get her sissy so she could show her their new toy.  Jenna ran to the nursery, phone in hand, and ran back to the playroom.  Layla followed.

Poor Layla.

As soon as she spots me, she runs toward me for comfort.

But, as soon as she spots the kitchen in her peripheral, she makes a hard right to go check it out.

This was the scene for the next two hours!

Jenna: "I'm so happy, I can hardly contain myself!"

Checking out their new pots...nice and shiny like the ones in Mommy's kitchen!

Layla's cooking up some banana soup.  Jenna's not too sure about her recipe.

Jenna is ready to get that hot pan out of the oven!

Next up from Chef Layla...orange flambe!

Jenna: "I'm taking orders, folks!"

Here's Jenna cooking in her high heels.  
(That's what we call it when they walk around with the stacking rings on their feet.)

Layla is concentrating really hard on her next concoction.

Jenna: "Can I get you something to drink?"

Now, for Daddy's favorite...queso!

Jenna: "Who's gonna wash all these dishes?"

Jenna: "I better check on sissy's queso...don't want it to boil over!"

Layla: "Thank you Grandma, this kitchen is awesome!  Here's Jenna..."


Layla: "This is the best day of my life!"

Thank you so much, Grandma.  We can't wait for you to come over and play with us!

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