Wednesday, August 24, 2011


How typical is it that Layla and Jenna's Mother's Day Out (MDO) starts next week and I'm just now posting about their experience with the summer program?  As I like to say, better late than never!  Actually, I never say that...I don't like being late, but I'm having to learn to just let some things go. 

ANYWAY, Layla and Jenna will start MDO at our church this coming school year.  They'll be going two days a week and since being away from mommy is not something WE are used to, I thought we ought to start by signing up the summer program just to test the water.  The summer program was only for the month of July and the girls attended just one day a week.  Although, the room they were in for the summer is the same room they are in during church, I didn't expect the day to be super smooth.  When you drop off kids in the "Cribs" room, they have sort of a "rip the bandaid off" method.  You simply hand the babies over the door and it's done.  There's no mommy coming in to help the child get acclimated.  Nope, you just pass 'em off and off you go.  Sounds kind of harsh, but I've learned it's definitely the best method.  Mind you, I should have already known that seeing how I was a first grade teacher, but things are different when it's your own flesh and blood!  When it came time for the pass off, there were tears from both girls, but as soon as I walked off and peeked in through the viewing window, I saw that they were fine...completely fine.  I stood at that window and watched for about 30 minutes.  It wasn't that I was nervous about leaving them (okay, maybe it was a little), but I found it truly fascinating to watch them when they didn't know they were being watched.  They played on their own and moved from toy to toy within minutes.  They would stop and stare at the other babies that were having a harder time adjusting.  But, when the teacher put some snacks out for the kids to enjoy, that's all that seemed to matter to my girls.  I could have stood there all day, but I didn't.  Instead, I went home and sat in the house alone for the first time since the babies were born.  I didn't get many pictures with the no mommies in the room policy, but the MDO director went in with my camera got this one before I left.  

"We're not so sure about this yet."

As you can see by the notes from the teacher, they both had a great day...or at least, half day.  I decided to pick them up before nap time so they could sleep at home.  Baby steps, you know!

Fast forward to the end of the month and here they are getting ready to go to their last day of the summer program.  They look excited to go, don't you think?



That backpack is almost as big as little Layla!

Jenna sure knows how to rock the zebra...animal print is so in!

I'm really glad we decided to do a little preview of MDO by participating in the summer program.  The new school year starts next week and I feel like we're prepared.  Layla and Jenna have been promoted to the toddler room, but they have at church too, so it shouldn't be too much of a change.  It's going to be a great year, I'm sure!

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