Wednesday, August 31, 2011


As promised, here are some pictures of Layla and Jenna's nursery.  The nursery was a LONG project to complete, but in my defense, not only was I on bed rest for the last three months of the pregnancy, we also moved 45 days before the babies were born!  I was able to order furniture, choose fabrics, design bedding and window treatments, and purchase decorative items through online shopping, emails, phone calls, and home visits!  Thank goodness for modern technology and the help of family and friends!  Most of these pictures were taken long ago when the crib mattresses were still at their highest setting and the mobiles were attached, but some are more recent.

This is where sweet Jenna lays her head at night.

Gotta have a place for precious Layla's head too!

 Lots of people ask me if they share a crib.  They did for the first 12 weeks when they were sleeping in our room, but then they became a little too wild!  When we transitioned them to the nursery, we figured it was a good time to separate them into their own cozy cribs. 

Here's a close up of the bedding detail.  All the fabrics were purchased from Kern's Interiors in Norman, but the bedding and window treatment were made at Room to Dream in OKC.  The cribs are also from Room to Dream.  I couldn't have done it without the help of my friends from both of these fine here's a shout out to those fabulous ladies!  The mobiles are from Babies R Us, which I was supposed to have recovered to match their bedding...oops, never got that done.  Oh well, they work. 

The changing table/dresser was a custom order from Room to Dream and barely made it here before the babies were born.  I found the mirror at In Your Dreams in Norman a long, long time ago.  It used to hang in the dining room of our old house, but didn't work in our new house.  I was so glad it fit well in the nursery.  See the blank wall next to the mirror?  

I have since added this cute little shelf.  It needed something.

The chair, lamp, and side table are from Kern's as well.  Seriously, go see them if you need furniture or home accessories!  

Here it is all coming together.  

Don't you just love the furry prams?  Layla and Jenna used to wear these when we would take walks in the fall and winter months last year.  They kept the girls nice and toasty!

The memory board next to the closet is where Layla and Jenna hang the announcements of their newest friends.  It sure is getting full!

This is a built in desk that I'm sure they'll fight over one day.  For now, it serves as a place for all their special things...their baby books, personalized crib shoes (a gift from Trey's coworker), their birth announcement, a photo book of my maternity pictures, and one of the diaper cakes from our church (which was delivered with a meal).  We actually got two diaper cakes and two meals...I guess you hit the jackpot when you have twins!  The baby scale on the desktop doesn't get much use anymore, but was really handy in the early preemie days to keep track of their weight.  

Here's one half of the bathroom.  The other half is the one that is pictured in the post about their playroom.  (Note to self: Get cord cover for lamp in bathroom.) 

Whew!  I can't believe I haven't posted pictures of their nursery until now.  I'm certainly glad to have it documented before it's time to turn it into a "big girl" room!  Time flies, ya know!

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