Tuesday, August 30, 2011


After I set up Layla and Jenna's new play kitchen the other day, I sat back and admired just how darn cute it was.  I then got to thinking that I have never taken pictures of their playroom to post on the blog.  I certainly want to document this so they can one day look back and see how lucky they were!  

My original plan for their playroom was to paint it a super fun color, have some built-ins constructed, and come up with a theme that could throw up all over the room.  Well, with lack of time to focus on such ventures, I ended up nixing those ideas and just let the toys speak for themselves.  In hindsight, I think it ended up better this way because, as they grow, things in their playroom are constantly changing.  It would be much more difficult to work with a theme and a certain set of colors when their stuff is ever evolving!  Here are a few pics of each corner of the room...

Isn't their kitchen darling!  The pictures on the wall are framed prints from Eric Carle books.  I've always loved his books and so do the girls.  The personalized chairs provide hours of entertainment.  The cutest thing ever is when the girls sit in them and read a book.  However, they are usually found standing in them and climbing all over them!

The smartest purchase I have made for this room is the magnetic board.  Now the girls can play with all their magnetic toys on here instead of scratching up my stainless steel refrigerator!  The paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling add a nice pop.  A bonus feature is the girls can practice their colors as we name them all.  It's super fun to turn off the lights and turn on the lanterns...although, that's a Daddy activity because Mommy can't reach them without a stool!  

Layla and Jenna have so much fun finding and kissing themselves in the kid-level mirror (hence all the smudges).  The Nap Nannies that are propped up next to the TV bring back lots of memories.  That's where the girls would lay to take a bottle when they were just teeny babies.  Now, we pull them out when it's movie time.  They simply can't watch a movie without their Nap Nannies!  The video camera that sits just in front of the TV is super convenient for when I need to step out of the room.  Next to the TV is a docked iPod which is perfect for jamming out to kiddie tunes! 

As you can see, we had to take the door off the hinges because the girls kept shutting themselves in.  The gate is a perfect solution for a playroom door.  Through the arched doorway, I have a makeshift changing table set up.  It's literally a 2x4 folding table, but it sure beats getting up and going to the nursery every time a diaper needs to be changed!  

You might think that by having a playroom the rest of my house is toy-free!  WRONG!  Nobody ever told me that kids come with so much stuff...and we're only a year and a half in!

Soon to come...nursery pictures (since I'm realizing I've never posted any of those either)!

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