Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Diaper Day

I'm sure you can imagine that our little family goes through our fair share of diapers!  Conveniently, we are set up on a diaper delivery program and receive them right on our front door step every few weeks.  Layla and Jenna love when it's Diaper Day because once I get them unpacked from the box, they get to play with the packages and it's so much fun!    

Jenna, that package is just about as big as you are!

Jenna: "Take a seat, sis!"

Ride 'em, cowgirl!

Saddle up, Jenna!

The girls love straddling the packages and scooting them across the floor with their feet...such a fun ride!

Layla: "Oops, hit a dead end!"

Layla: "Let's see...what shall I do now?"

Layla: "I know, I'll just take a little snooze."

Jenna: "Where do you want these, Mommy?"

Diaper Day comes twice a month because Layla's size is delivered on a different day than Jenna's.  I've considered calling and getting the deliveries coordinated to fall on the same day, but then that would mean fewer Diaper Days for the girls...I just couldn't do that to them!

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