Sunday, September 11, 2011

If the Shoe Fits (or Doesn't Fit)

Layla and Jenna really get a kick out of wearing the house.  They don't so much care for wearing them when we are out and about, but in the house, they're all about it.  The other day, I was packing away some of the clothes and shoes they've outgrown and came across their Ugg boots from last winter.  Both girls were absolutely adamant that I put them on their feet.  Did they care that the boots were about two size too small?   Nope, they wanted them on and they wanted it right that second.  So, for the next hour they played like crazy all while their little feet were being squeezed to oblivion and probably sweating profusely since it is the middle of the summer.  But, they were happy and that's all that matters to this momma.

Jenna: "Wow, check out these bad boys!"

Layla: "Ooh, those are nice!"

Layla: "Oh wait, I've got some on too!"

"We just can't get over how cool these are!"

Jenna: "Look what I can do in these boots!"

"These are perfect for playtime!"

"I think Elmo likes our boots too!"

I'm thinking the girls are going to insist on another pair this winter.  Hopefully, they'll get on board with wanting to wear shoes while we are out of the house and not just while we're at home.

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