Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Lucky Dog

Since Layla and Jenna entered the world, Toby has undergone a few life adjustments.  He's a bit of a quirky dog (and by quirky I mean temperamental, pushy, and set in his ways).  We were a little worried as to how he would behave around the girls, but I must admit, he has surpassed all of my expectations.  Of course, life isn't as grand for him as it used to be, but I have no doubt that he loves his sisters and wouldn't trade them for all the dog bones in the world.  I mean, what guy wouldn't love having two girls doting on him all day long?  Toby is definitely one lucky dog!   

"Big Brother Toby, you're so soft!"

Layla has been practicing her 'gentle' petting.

What a nice hug, Jenna!

Toby: "Gotcha, LJ!"

Toby: "That's the spot, Jenzi!"

I told you he loves his sisters!  Love is a two-way street and, with the girls, the feeling is absolutely mutual!   

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