Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stroller Derby

One of Layla and Jenna's favorite pastimes these days is to play stroller derby.  They both post up behind a stroller and race around the house as fast as they can.  Most times, they race with something strapped into the strollers...sometimes it's Elmo, other times it's their sippy cup.  When they hit a dead end or when they crash into each other they just laugh and laugh, which is seriously about the most awesome sound one can hear.

Here they are getting all geared up for the derby.  

For this round, they are loading a graham cracker into each of their seats.

And they're off!  Whoa...way to pop a wheelie right off the bat, Layla!

Uh oh, looks like Jenna lost her cracker...she's losing time trying to pick it up!

Layla has turned the corner and is making her way back!

 I'm not sure who made it to the finish line first, but it looks like they're both taking their victory lap with a graham cracker as their prize.

 With graham crackers still in hand, here they are trying to tell Daddy, who is outside, who won the race.  Those silly girls!

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