Friday, October 21, 2011

Dining Al Fresco

We've had a bit of a temperature drop (finally) here in Norman, OK and we've been taking full advantage of it!  Some evenings we go on wagon rides or play at the park, but tonight, Layla and Jenna wanted to go out to eat...out back, that is.  

"Isn't this nice, sissy?  What a beautiful evening!"

 Jenna: "Big Brother, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

 Layla: "I must separate my grilled cheese, I must separate my grilled cheese."
(She can't eat it any other way!)

 Every now and then, the girls would get a little distracted and Daddy would have to wrangle them back in.

 Toby found those times to be the perfect moment to pounce!

 That certainly got Jenna back to the table in a jiffy and she finished up her meal real quick!

Jenna: "Yes!  Time for dessert!"

 Layla: "Me too!  Me too!"

Had to get the hiney shot!

 Ever wonder what a 6'6" man looks like sitting on a Little Tikes picnic table?  Here ya go!  That bench looks a little stressed!

The girls had such a good time dining al fresco and, I must say, I'm a big fan of it too!  There's no mess to clean up in the house and the girls get to run off a little energy after their's a win/win!

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