Sunday, October 16, 2011

Impromptu Pumpkin Pickin'

While we were out and about this past Saturday, we decided we would stop for an impromptu trip to the McFarlin Pumpkin Patch.  Had I known this is what we had in store for the day, I would have definitely brought the good camera and even more definitely made sure the girls' shoes matched their outfits!  Oh well, we still had a good time and managed to get decent pictures on the iPhone.  

We were on the hunt for a few pumpkins to decorate our front yard.  Layla and Jenna were such good helpers.  They worked so hard scoping out the patch for the best pumpkins of all and found 11 that we couldn't live with out!

"Oh goodness, look at all these pumpkins!  Where should we start?"

Layla: "These are kinda cute, don't you think?"

Jenna: "This one has a nice shape...round...just the way I like it!"

"We're bound to find a few in this bunch."

Jenna: "This one wins the prize for the longest handle!"

Layla: "I'm beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed."

"Holy cow...this one's as big as we are!  Do you think Mom will let us get it?"
(The answer was no.)

Time for a little break from all the pumpkin pickin'.

Impromptu trips are fun!  We got a nice assortment of pumpkins, enjoyed the beautiful weather, and got a little practice for the trip to the big pumpkin patch we had planned for the next day.  Plus, I learned these cute girls can pull off any shoe with any outfit!  Don't you agree?

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