Monday, October 17, 2011

TG Farms

I belong to a support group for mothers of multiples called Rare Pair.  Us moms get together for monthly meetings and for the occasional Mom's Night Out, but we also have scheduled events throughout the year for the entire family.  Yesterday our group met up at TG Farms in Newcastle for a fun-filled day at the pumpkin patch!  This was Layla and Jenna's first time to visit TG Farms. They both had a blast and I can only imagine how much more fun they will have in the coming years as they get more and more independent.  To say we took a lot of pictures is an understatement.  I sifted through the 243 images and picked the top 50 or so to share (you can thank me later).  

It is a Rare Pair tradition to meet at the farm and attempt a group picture before entering the grounds.  I'm sure you can envision how difficult a task that may've got the older ones sitting patiently, the toddlers climbing all over the place, and the babies screaming their heads off...all the while, parents are gathered around encouraging their kids to sit still and clicking their cameras like crazy hoping that someone manages to capture a good shot.  Here are a couple that I got...       

This is right when we set the girls down to join the big group.  This is their typical "we don't know what's going on and we aren't sure we approve" face.
Funny side story about their outfits:  Lolli had the most adorable pumpkin dresses made for the girls.  They came with matching leg warmers and the plan was to wear a turtleneck with the sleeveless dresses.  Well, this particular October day was HOT!  So, we nixed the turtleneck and leg warmers and Daddy found some shorts in their closet that were a perfect match.  We tucked their dresses into their shorts and made them tank tops!  It was perfect...thanks for the dresses/tank tops, Lolli!

Here is the best group shot I got...I think there are some kids missing, so I'm hoping someone got a better shot.  

Layla is waiting patiently to enter the farm.  

Jenna can hardly contain her excitment!

This photo opp is the first thing you see when you enter the grounds.  Lots of the families were saying that their kids take a picture in front of this sign every year.  We missed last year, but we'll definitely have to start that tradition.

Jenna: "Look!  I'm a jack-o-lantern!"

Layla: "Um, please don't drop me, Daddy."

 There were lots of animals on the farm and Layla loved them all!  Jenna didn't quite buy into the hype.    

Layla: "Come closer, sissy.  These are nice cows!"

Jenna: "Whoa, do you see that pig in there?  I'm glad this fence is between us!"

Just had to include this hiney cute!

The girls really did love all the things to do at the farm, but they were often distracted by their would have thought they had never seen that thing before.  Here they are having a little squabble over who gets to pull.  

The goat area was extra special because you could actually go in the fenced area to hand feed them.  Layla couldn't get enough!

Layla: "Here you go, Mr. Goat."

Layla: "This one is so sweet...I think I'll take him home!"

Layla: "Hey, sissy!  Come check this guy out!"

Jenna: "You better stay back, Mr. Goat!"

There you go, Jenna!  Look at you being so brave!

And there goes Jenna with the wagon again!

Layla's absolute favorite animal on earth is a duck.  They were both enamored by these guys.  The challenge here was keeping the girls out of the water...believe me, they wanted to join that group of ducks for a little swim!  And, of course, gotta love the hiney shot!

Here's the wagon again!  
Jenna: "Stay seated, little girl, and I'll take you for a ride!"

 In this area of the farm, there was a HUGE haystack with different types of slides.  All you gotta say is "slide" and the girls are all over it!  Bonus: It made for yet another cute hiney shot!

Jenna: "Just one more level and I'll be on top!"

This girl LOVES to slide!

Layla: "Okay, Daddy, on the count of three....ready?"

Oh geez, now Layla is at it with the wagon!

Jenna: "Hey, tractor!  Wait for me!"
We opted not to go for a hay ride.  I could see the writing on the wall...we would've been the family that would need the tractor to turn around and take us back before the ride was over!  

But, once the tractor was out of the way, the girls headed to the patch to find their very own pumpkins to take home.

Layla: "Ooh, I think there are some good pumpkins over there!"

Layla: "I'm going to get 'em!"

Jenna: "No, sissy.  I saw some really good ones over there!"

Jenna: "Come on, follow me!"

"Watch your step, sissy!"

"Ooh, look at this bunch!  These look like winners!"
Another cute hiney shot!

 Jenna: "This one's got my name written all over it!"

Jenna: "Okay, lift with your legs, lift with your legs."

Jenna: "Better watch where I'm going."

Jenna: "Here I come!"

Layla: "Decisions, decisions."

Layla: "Okay, I'm going with this one."

Layla: "Whoa...this is heavier than it looks.  Gotta get my balance!"

Layla: "Whew, got it!"

"Yay!  We found our pumpkins!  Let's hug it out to celebrate!"

Jenna: "Wait a minute!  I think L & A took our wagon!"  
No one took your wagon, silly girl!  Could you stop obsessing over that thing???

Okay, you girls found the out of bounds's time to go home!  But, not before I get the hiney shot!

Layla: "Thanks for bringing me here, Daddy.  I had a great time!"

Jenna: "Mommy always says to leave a place better than you found it!"

So long, TG Farms!  See ya next year! (Final hiney shot!)

Believe it or not, there are still several things the girls didn't do or see...the hayride, the pony ride, the pig races, the corn maze, the tricycle races.  We will definitely be back next year to do it all! Thank you Rare Pair for organizing this outing and thank you TG Farms for having such an awesome place for families to enjoy!

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