Monday, October 31, 2011


Yesterday afternoon, First Christian Church held its annual Trunk-or-Treat carnival in the church parking lot.  During this event, several families hosted games out of the trunks of their vehicles and kids played to earn treats and prizes.  Even better than that, the carnival also helped to raise funds for UNICEF.  All week long, kids in the church have been collecting coins from family and friends and everyone turned in their loot at the carnival.   Kids helping that's nice.         

"Oh geez.  Mom has us dressed like this in public again."

Their first stop...Tricycle Race!

Jenna was slightly obsessed with the tricycles.  

We finally pried her off of that thing so we could go to the next event.  

Cake Walk!!!  One of them (I can't remember which) actually won.  We opted to forego our prize...baked goods are the last thing we need!

Way to go, Layla!  Show 'em how it's done!  

Jenna, do you want to try Ms. Christine's Ring Toss?  
Jenna: "I really want to go ride the tricycle."

And there she goes!

Layla is going on a duck hunt...she LOVES ducks!

Jenna is back on the tricycles.  

Layla is bowling with Ms. Pam.

Yep, you guessed it...Jenna is still riding the tricycle.  

Layla is playing yet another game with the clown!

And, Jenna is still riding the tricycle.  

Time out for a quick snack!

Layla: "Yummy, I love pretzels!"

Jenna: "I wonder if anyone would notice if I went back to the tricycles?"

Jenna: "Here I go!"

Layla had time for one more game.  Great roll, little piggy!


Before we left, Layla and Jenna turned in the coins they had collected throughout the week.  

I think the girls had a fabulous time at Trunk-or-Treat.  One of them, and I'm not naming names, was super upset about leaving the tricycles behind.  We had to bribe them with ice cream to get them back into the car!  Thankfully, we are not above bribery!

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