Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Trip!

Last weekend, we took a tiny road trip to a pumpkin patch in Arcadia to celebrate a little cutie's 2nd birthday.  Since we had already visited a pumpkin patch earlier in the season and took tons of pictures, I made the conscious decision to leave my camera at home.  You see, when there are two little ones to chase around, trying to take pictures is quite a task and, often times, sucks all the fun out of the event.  I figured that since we already had pictures from our previous trip, I would just go and enjoy the day with my girls.  Well, the very second we pulled into this place, I was kicking myself for not bringing the camera.  The fall foliage was storybook beautiful.  I snapped a few pics with my iPhone, so these will have to do...

Daddy and the girls entering the grounds.

I'm beginning to think I've got a couple of John Deere girls on my hands.  They love tractors! Whether it's a riding lawn mower on display at Home Depot or a construction vehicle parked at the house being built next door, Layla and Jenna start shouting tractor as soon as they lay their eyes on any heavy machinery!  

Layla: "I look good on this thing, don't I?"

Jenna: "Watch out, people!  I'm behind the wheel!"

Here's the only pic I got of the birthday boy, Trip.  Such a handsome, young man he is!

Thank you, Trip, for inviting us to your birthday party!  We had so much fun climbing the hay bales, petting the animals, going on the hay ride, roasting hotdogs and smores, and eating yummy cupcakes!!!

If you're ever up toward Arcadia during the fall season, you should stop by the Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch and check it out.  BUT, trust me, you'll want to bring your camera!

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  1. your girls are so precious!! i know you have so much fun w/them :)