Saturday, January 28, 2012

Festival of Light

During the last several weeks of every year, the city of Chickasha puts on a ginormous light display called the Festival of Light.  It really is a sight to see, but the coolest thing about the whole thing is that it's made possible solely through donations and volunteers and it is FREE to the public! If you're an Oklahoman, chances are, you've been to the Festival of Light once or twice before. Trey and I have been several times, but 2011 was the first year that Layla and Jenna got to experience its beauty.  

Checking out the grounds when we first arrived. 
"Cool!  They have camels!"

Layla: "Wow!  That tree is taller than my Daddy!"

I just had to take our animal lover on a camel ride.  I know it doesn't look like Layla is enjoying herself, but she really was fine once the camel got going.  

Jenna preferred to just look at the animals with Daddy.  No camel ride for her!

The light-covered bridge is one of my favorite spots every year.  Apparently, it's a popular spot for marriage proposals.  In fact, we got to witness one that night!  

Come on, Layla...just take one picture with Mommy!

 I really don't like bothering people by asking them to take our picture, so I'm always thankful when someone offers on their own accord.  It's always nice to get a picture with everyone in it...they are few and far between!

 Jenna: "Come on, Daddy, let's go."

Layla: "Wait a minute!  Let's check out the ducks!"

"Ooh, sissy!  Look how beautiful!"

Layla: "Look up, Daddy!  Isn't it amazing?!?!"

Jenna: "Dare me to step over the strand???"

Time out for a little sisterly love!

We ended the night with a horse drawn carriage ride.  Jenna needed to get better acquainted with the horses before boarding.

Layla: "Ah man! Not another picture, Mommy!"

Whoa!  Two family pictures in one night?  That's a record!  Thank you to the nice family in front of us!

Layla and Jenna had such a magical night under all those lights.  It was definitely worth missing bedtime by an hour and a half.  I think making the trip to Chickasha will be a family tradition we uphold for many years to come!  

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