Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm Back (and Backed Up)!

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!!!  Wow, it has been over 8 weeks since my last post and I do apologize for keeping my readers waiting.  I have only one word to explain my absence from the blogosphere...DECEMBER.  December was a crazy month for me, as it was for everyone, I'm sure.  As a result of having 4 Christmas parties at my house, helping with 2 others, and hosting actual Christmas Day, I could barely tell you what my name was on most days!  The one positive that stems from my blogging hiatus?  I now actually know I have readers!  Seriously!  I mean, I know my family follows my blog, but apparently, so do my friends...a lot of them, and my family's friends, and my friend's families, and my family's friends' families, and...well, you get the point.  I am completely overwhelmed (in a good way) by all the gentle reminders to get back to blogging that have come from all my readers...how awesome is it that people actually care what my little family is up to?!?!?!    

When I started this blog, my reason was two-fold.  First, I thought this would be a good way to document our everyday moments so that, one day, Layla and Jenna could see what our family was like long ago.  Secondly, I figured the blog would be a good way for my extended family to keep up with our happenings.  Never did I imagine what this blog would do for me.  It truly is one of my most treasured pieces.  I'm not a picture person, which is one reason the blog is such a challenge for me.  I'm not a scrapbooker, that takes way too much creativity.  I'm not into keeping things for memory's sake, if there were a show called Opposite of Hoarders, I would be the star (p.s. the show, Hoarders, creeps me out).   Secretly, I've always wanted to be a picture person, a scrapbooker, a keeper of keepsakes, but those things are just not me.  You see, this blog is everything I'm not...and I love it!  It nearly brings me to tears knowing that you love it too!        

So, thank you for reading, thank you for caring, and thank you for encouraging me to keep it going. Thanks to those who show me some blog love by being official "followers" and by leaving comments.  I really appreciate it.  I am committed to staying on top of this thing, especially in the next few weeks as I attempt to catch up on some of our activities over the last 8 weeks.  Evidently, one major downfall of taking such a long break from blogging is being completely backed up! Please check back soon...like maybe tomorrow (emphasis on maybe).      

And just because every good post needs a picture...

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