Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lazy Day

I think I previously mentioned that I hosted 4 Christmas parties at my house throughout the month of December.  They were all equally fun, but one of them in particular stands out in my mind because it was the one with the most party guests, involved me serving a full meal, and to top it off, Trey was out of town.  I'm happy to report that, with the help of a babysitter to get the girls to bed, everything went seamlessly and it was a blast.  

The party aftermath kept me up until about 3am and I just knew my lovelies would be up bright and early (since they slept through the whole thing).  What's a Mommy to do?  Have a lazy day, of course!  The girls and I spent the entire day in our PJ's and did all the things one likes to do on a lazy was perfect.  We ate comfort foods, like grilled cheese and tomato soup, and even soaked in Mommy's big bath tub.  I was so thankful that Layla and Jenna were happy to partake in my lazy day events.  Here they are enjoying a few more relaxing activities...

"These books are such page turners...we can't put them down!"

"Yes!  Our favorite movie!"

And, of course, what's a lazy day without a whirl on the lazy susan?!?!


  1. i would love to have one of those comfy looking things to watch a movie in!! :)

    1. We say that all the time! Wouldn't that be awesome?