Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rare Pair Christmas

I just love my 'moms of multiples' group, especially the family parties that are sponsored by our club.  Back in December, Rare Pair held its annual family Christmas party at Westmoore Community Church in Moore.  We had such a great time hanging out with multiples of all ages and their moms and dads too!  The evening was filled with yummy eats, super fun activities, and we even got to see Santa...what a treat!   

"We better fuel up, sissy, we've got lots of playing to do!  I hear there's a bouncy house."

Jenna: "Let me just take a peek, sissy. I'll let you know if it looks legit."

After the sneak peek, Jenna decided she needed to do a little warmup from the outside first.  

Eventually, she made her way in.  
Jenna: "Whoa, what's up with this floor?  I can't seem to stand up!"

Layla was soon to follow.
Layla: "You're right, sissy, this floor is wiggly!"

"Look at them!  How are they standing on their feet?"

Layla: "Okay, I think I got it.  Just gotta focus."

Jenna: "I'm getting the hang of it one make any sudden moves!"

Jenna: "Okay, now that I've got this thing mastered, can somebody get me outta here???"

Layla: "Anyone up for a game of hoops?"

Layla: "Whoa, that basket is a lot higher than I thought!"

Layla: "I better just stick to cleaning floors."

Jenna: "Time out for a cauliflower and water break!"

Santa brought a gift for each child.  As you can see, Layla didn't really care for the jolly ol' fella.  

Layla: "Why was that man talking to me?!?!"

Jenna was totally into him.

Oops, never mind.  

Jenna: "Quick, Daddy, I got the gift.  Let's make a break for it!"

Hey, Jenna!  Do you like it?

Jenna: "Yeah!  But, let me see what sissy got."

 What is it, Layla?"

Phew!  It's the same Santa!

Thank you, Rare Pair, for the awesome party!  I have full confidence that the girls will be all about Santa next year!


  1. This is so cute! :) I am so glad that you are a part of our group! You have a precious family, and I look forward to years of memories made with you all. xoxo

    1. Thanks, Michelle! We are having so much fun being a part of such a wonderful group. Here's to many more years!