Monday, January 30, 2012

Santa Attempt #3

For our third and final attempt at a Santa picture, Trey and I took the girls to Sooner Mall to meet up with their ol' bud, Santa.  When we arrived, we learned that we were just 30 minutes away from Santa's dinner time.  The elves had blocked off the entrance to his little piece of North Pole with a velvet rope and anyone who hadn't made it inside the rope at that point may or may not get to see Santa before dinner.  We were second in line OUTSIDE of the rope.  The deal was that IF Santa was able to visit with all the little kids inside the rope before 6pm, he would then accept visitors from the outside until time was up.  We decided to wait it was Christmas, after all, and miracles do happen, ya know?  Well, to make a long story just a tad bit shorter, we made it with just 5 minutes to spare!  

While we were waiting in line, Layla and Jenna had a blast running 'round and 'round the North Pole.  Whenever we could, Trey and I would catch them and try to get them to focus on Santa taking pictures with other little boys and girls.  We were hoping that when it was their turn, they wouldn't be too afraid.  Well, that didn't work.  Once again, Trey and I succumbed to the pressure and put on our big smiles for the camera.  At least Layla and Jenna weren't crying this was more of a reindeer in headlights look.  Hey, that's progress!   

I'm really not used to NOT getting my way, but apparently, Layla and Jenna aren't either.  I was bound and determined to get a "girls on Santa's lap" picture, but as it turns out, 2011 just wasn't my year.  Until next year, Santa!

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