Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentine's Fun

Trey had an early work meeting on Valentine's Day, so we decided to wait until the evening to give Layla and Jenna their V-day goodies.  They had a fabulous day at school passing out Valentines to all their friends and receiving several too, but they had no idea the fun would continue when Daddy got home from work.    

While Daddy kept the girls busy in the playroom, I set up the loot in the living room.  During any gift giving event, I like to predict what their favorites will be...I'm often times wrong.  My guesses this time were the heart shaped baskets and the Elmo coloring books. 

And for the big reveal...Jenna went straight for the balloon...

...and Layla couldn't take her hands off the "mama mama" books.  

Jenna: "Hey guys, check out my boon!"

Every now and then, Jenna would manage to pry away from the balloon to see what else she got. 
Jenna: "Ooh, a flashlight!"

Oh geez, Layla.  Not in the eye!  Apparently, this will be an "only under close adult supervision" toy.

Jenna: "Will you open my treat, Daddy?  And make sure Toby doesn't get it!"

Layla: "Delicious!"

Layla: "Seriously delicious!"

Who do you see, girls?

After they emptied their baskets, they broke into the baby care kit.  Jenna practiced brushing her teeth before trying it on her baby.

Jenna: "Stay still, Max, I've got to trim your don't want to lose a finger, do you?"
Wonder where she's heard that before???

Layla: "Brush-a, brush-a, brush-a."
I think we need to work on your aim, Layla.

Jenna: "Like this, sissy.  You want to put the toothbrush in Meredith's mouth, not her eyeball!"

Okay, Jenna...maybe you shouldn't be giving out advice on where to put that toothbrush!

Layla: "Gotta get those boogies, Meredith!"

Awww, Layla has Max in the Baby Bjorn!

Layla and Jenna really loved all of their goodies, but the hot items for Valentine's Day this year were the balloons.  They played with them for an entire week...chasing them, bopping them, and giggling the whole time!  On that note, I think it's appropriate to close this post with a few more pics of balloon time fun!

I guess I know what to get them for each holiday to come!  Lucky for them, they have a birthday coming up and you better believe they will be showered with balloons!

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