Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cover Girl

Call me a wimp, but I don't often let the girls play in Mommy and Daddy's room.  Quite honestly, I just don't want to deal.  It's already such a challenge to child-proof all the main areas of house (and we are constantly finding new dangers everyday), letting them have access to my room would be just enough to push me over the edge.  However, on some days, when we've just about run out of ideas to keep the girls entertained, Trey and I will open the gate and let them have at it!  Jenna is generally way too active to chase around with the camera...she's too busy galavanting from the bed to the treadmill, from the phone to the alarm clock, from the closet to the bathroom, and everything in between.  Layla, on the other hand, will get fixated on one "activity" and could probably spend half a day entertaining herself with it.  One of her favorite things to do in Mommy's room is to play with my makeup.  She hasn't yet discovered how to open the containers, but when that day comes, I sure hope I have my camera ready!  Until then, I'm just enjoying these shots of her exploring.  

Layla: "Now let's see, I wonder which one of these is my shade."

Layla: "Geez, Mommy.  Why so many brushes?  It's a little excessive, don't ya think?"

Layla: "Oh, I get it now...they're so soft!"

Layla: "Hmmm, where is that lip gloss?"

Layla: "Time to clean up!"

Little does this Cover Girl know, she will never need an ounce of that paint on her precious face...she's a natural beauty!

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